22 Turbines for Toronto!

From Wind Farm Realities:
The Toronto 22

That has a nice alliterative ring, doesn’t it? There’s a big discussion over at Ontario Wind Resistance about putting some wind turbines in Toronto and having the residents there do their part in fulfilling Ontario’s dreams about wind energy. In an effort to constructively add to that discussion, I’ve created a 3-D Google Earth KMZ file that shows 22 turbines placed in Toronto’s harbour.

Happy flying.

18 thoughts on “22 Turbines for Toronto!

  1. I think that is a wonderful idea. I don’t think there is any logic why they have to be 5 km offshore. They should be 550 meters from a residence, just the same as it is on land. Then…..there would not be as much cost running transmission lines to them because they are closer to shore…….the constuction costs would be less because they are in more shallow waters…….the power produced would be closer to the bulk of the people who need it…….and you would stir up less toxic material from the bottom of the lake because it is closer to shore. The real beauty of it is that Torontonians would be able to get that warm fuzzy feeling about supporting wind energy and really see their hard earned dollars blowing in the wind for the next 20 years. Perfect.

    • Well they could be as little as 350 if they get “sign-off” form the neighbours. To push this idea I have started an organization to promote this to friends of Green Energy everywhere. Tentatively (till i get feedback form the registrar of corporate names) it is named Turbine Windfarms In Toronto Soon. Catchy eh? Now we just need a catchy acronym for these supporters.

      I expect that everybody will jump on-board as soon as the advantages become obvious to the luck lake shore residents.

    • Are those big waterfront buildings condos or apartments? If apartments, all you’d have to do is get the owners to be participants, and then there’s no setback rules at all. Another idea would be to have a really quiet turbine, less than 102db power level, and then likewise there is no setback at all. Some of the big turbines have a quiet mode that is getting close to that.

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  3. Organizing the Message – To win!
    A new economy for Ontario!
    Camera’s ready!
    Hang onto your wallets – we’re ready to win!

    ‘[excerpt] “It was very misguided of us to have a moratorium on the city when our own manufacturers are trying to find work and develop a sector that can provide jobs.”

    Local unions are celebrating the job potential of wind energy.’

    ‘[excerpt] Siemens has been awarded the contract to build 130 turbines for the project, which will generate enough energy to power 100,000 homes. The company closed its Hamilton plant last year, so that work will be carried out in its Tillsonburg plant.

    There is no timeline for the project. Windstream, a privately held company based in Ontario but backed by American investors, holds the only approved feed-in-tariff contract for offshore wind energy generation in Ontario but the province has yet to give the go-ahead on construction.

    There is more than 2,900 MW of offshore wind power proposed in the Great Lakes over the next five years’

    • Oh – I almost forgot!
      CAW broke the law – and the CAW won!
      CAW broke the law – and the CAW won!

      • Please form a line line – ‘to the left’

        Welcome to the CAW –

        ‘[excerpt’] CAW members and activists across the country are working hard to build a stronger, greener economy for all. Working in coalition with civil society allies and forging community partnerships as well as taking action on the shopfloor, we are making a difference for the health and well-being of our planet.

        This webpage is a hub for material and information that’s focused on CAW green economy initiatives; including campaigns, policy papers, videos and a host of other items. It’s aim is to raise awareness about the environmental and climate crisis, how this intersects with our economy and our jobs, and engage CAW members as well as the general public in a broader discussion around solutions.

        Social Justice, a communist term –
        but who cares – a few bucks for the cause:
        ‘[excerpt] The CAW Social Justice Fund provides solidarity assistance to non-profit and humanitarian projects within Canada and around the world. The CAW Social Justice Fund was first negotiated in 1990.

        Where CAW members have won the Social Justice Fund in negotiations, the employer pays into the Fund an amount per hour worked per worker.

        Like Paid Education Leave (PEL), the Social Justice Fund (SJF) is becoming a feature of more and more CAW collective agreements. It is a mark of our commitment to the idea of social unionism. http://www.caw.ca/en/services-departments-social-justice-fund.htm

      • My surprise!
        I picked up this tattered lonely magazine (April issue) to read @ Chapters –
        it looked like many fingers had touched its pages –
        and, discovered a CAW full page colour ad – inside front cover –
        advertising their prize –
        The Wind Turbine in Port Elgin – Ontario

        ‘[excerpt] Mission Statement

        Canadian Dimension is a magazine from and for the Left. Standing in solidarity with local and global struggles for social justice, it offers a critical perspective on the issues of the day, placing special emphasis on the Canadian scene. It discusses prospects and strategies for social change at home and abroad, and provides a space for dialogue among socialists and other radicals. Written in plain language, Canadian Dimension addresses a diverse readership encompassing political activists, community organizers, trade unionists, students, academics and all those seeking alternatives to the corporate media http://canadiandimension.com/about/submissions/guidelines

        Boy – has Ontario changed!

    • If the world’s and Ontariao’s CO2 situation is as bad as eco-nuts,renewable energy developers and politicians make this out to be then immediate action is required. No time to wait for hundredes of kms of transmission lines to be installed. Just place wind and solar power in urban areas where the energy hogs live. To do otherwise is just plain stupid energy planning. Of course all of the costs for this urban renewable energy will be paid for by the energy hog urbanites.

  4. Jeez….if this goes ahead will Rural Ontario have to have 2 yes two gas fired power stations..I was going to say NIMBY..but I sure would like a gas line up my rural road!

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