Cash offer ‘an insult’

By Danielle VandenBrink, The Kingston Whig Standard
A company looking to build a controversial wind farm on Amherst Island has quietly offered Loyalist Township an payment of $7.5 million annually, the Whig-Standard has learned. But the proposal doesn’t sit well with the head of a group opposed to the construction, who decried the payments as shameful. Janet Grace, president of the Association for Protection of Amherst Island, said she believes the proposed payment is a response to mounting pressure from community members opposing the project.

The offer — which is conditional upon final approval from the province — would see the power company forward a voluntary payment of $7.5 million to Loyalist Township each year, beginning in 2014. Sean Fairfield, senior manager of project planning for Algonquin Power, said the draft agreement is based on the capacity, or price per megawatt, of the 33-turbine wind farm. The facility is expected to generate 247 megawatts of electricity annually. “We want to build a partnership with the community,” Fairfield said. “Looking into our modelling, we felt ($7.5 million per year) was reasonable. “We believe that offering this would help the municipality in relation to another project they may have.” Read Article

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  1. GOOD GRIEF! $7.5 million ANNUALLY should read $7.5 million over the duration of the 20-25 year span of the project. “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is” would be a wise adage for this reporter to adopt before sending something to print! Check out the facts!

    • gaiagoddess,

      Can you confirm whether this is annual or over twenty years ?

      Assuming they meant “247,000 MWh” (indicative of a 75 MW installation with an annual capacity factor of 37.6%) and not “247 MW” per year, the gross revenue (at $ 135/MWh) would be $ 33.345 million. An annual payment of $ 7.5 million would represent 22.5% of gross revenues. There’s probably more than enough slop in current FIT rates to fund this.

      • Read in another article where it was $7.5 million
        over life of the project

      • In my first response I indicated it was over the 20-25 year span, not annually as was mistakenly mentioned 4 times in the article – 3 in the body and one below the picture.


      Over the lifespan of the project the Township can expect to be the recipients of:

      An estimated $7.5 million from the Community Vibrancy Fund that can be allocated to new roads, repairs to old buildings or schools, upgrading community centres, refurbishing parking lots, building new parks or restoring the old ones. Windlectric proposes 50% of the Fund be allocated to Amherst Island specifically.

  2. They called it “an incentive”, but no matter how you look at it, it’s still a “bribe”. As I’ve said before…..”You can put can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”

    The worst part about this “incentive” they’re using our taxes through the “FIT” program to get the $$$$$ for it. Go figure….thanks again McScammer

  3. So – this council has known for a month – ‘a community project’

    Citizens have a right to know –
    what is going on – and, there should be a Committee of the Whole meeting –
    with township lawyer present, and explaining – In front of the public!

    There is no reason why there cannot be full disclosure – in this case.
    If not – Investigate – why not?
    Am I wrong?

    ‘[excerpt] “We try to partner up with various communities that we’re involved in,” he said. “We like to initiate these types of agreements in some form.”

    “There’s so much community opposition to this project and I think that they’re feeling the heat a little bit,” she said. “It is very obvious that our community does not welcome this development.”

    ‘[excerpt] Duncan Ashley, township councillor for Amherst Island, said council was presented with the offer with a request for it to remain confidential.

    He said the potential contract was received in a closed session of council, and has been forwarded to lawyers for review.

    Council is scheduled to discuss the contract with solicitors in another closed session on April 30, he said.

    “We are looking for expert advice on what the agreement may mean,” Ashley said. “Is it an opportunity, is it a liability, does it compromise the municipality’s and council’s ability to represent the entire municipality and not just one Ward 1 on Amherst Island.’

    How many ‘closed sessions’ is it gonna take – to shed some light on the corruption?

  4. I was in management for many years. I can tell you unequivocally that nobody was discussing the annual picnic during closed door meetings. If you need to seek a “lawyers counsel”, you’re probably working on the raggedy edges of what you’re actually allowed to do, or more than likely you’re totally lost in the legal jargon of being offered. In my humble opinion, nothing that’s actually good for the community will come from “closed door sessions” with a wind power company that required a lawyer’s advice. Be wary of vultures bearing gifts

    • On Aug. 30,2001 The Committee On Alternative Fuel Sources was informed that Suncor Energy and the Pembina Institute were the big drivers behind renewable energy in Canada. There are still three present MPPs serving who were on this committee and
      knew this information and none of them spoke up?

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