One billboard is up on Hwy10 just south of Markdale. The other is up on Hwy124 a few roads south of Singhampton. They look beautiful!

28 thoughts on “One billboard is up on Hwy10 just south of Markdale. The other is up on Hwy124 a few roads south of Singhampton. They look beautiful!

  1. Fantastic! What is the cost factor, & which company did the artwork & installed them. Maybe others can put one up, & save the initial setup costs by contacting the same company.

    • Great idea…please keep us posted. if every affected community installed one or two the message will be hard to miss.

    • Fantastic! Secondary roads have to be used to get to tourist destinations as the 400 system bypasses country towns. Maybe cheaper to do along these tourist routes? Get more signs per dollar? People drive slower on secondary roads and see more signs?
      Drivers watching traffic and not signs along 400 system? But signs still needed along the 400 system.

  2. Good idea, DoNoHarm. Maybe the good folks who got these great signs done could contact the sign company and get a couple of quotes. How much for 10? 20? 50?
    Thanking them in advance.

  3. Great Idea! Sure gets the message out to local people and tourists. I too would be curious about the economics–cost–material of construction–durability and liability–lighted at night?–any sponsorship involved to provide financial assistance? I see a CBS logo in the photo above. I can picture one of these beside the major 4 lane highway in this area. A series of them on Hwy #401 between London and Kingston would certainly emphasize the province-wide message! And the value of the repeated exposure of various messages in and around the Toronto area. Sort of like the warning messages on cigarette packages………

    WOW! I like it!

  4. Good idea. We should put some up on the interstates in Vermont. Oh no, we can’t. Billboards are not permitted here in the scenic Green Mountain State, but 400-500 foot tall useless, environmentally destructive, strobe lit wind turbines on our mountains are.

    The controversy over wind projects in VT is impacting Canadians on the border:
    Canadian Mayor threatens to shut off water to U.S. town
    Mayor Philippe Dutil of Stanstead, Quebec, said he will close water well valves to the United States if the Village of Derby Line allows the project of building giant wind turbines near Canadian homes. Dutil made this statement Sunday at a protest meeting held at the US-Canadian border. Another protest will be held next Sunday in Stanstead.
    April 30, 2012 by Laura Carpenter in Newport Daily Express
    DERBY, VT/STANSTEAD QC. – Mayor Philippe Dutil of Stanstead, Quebec, says he would shut off the water valves to Beebe Plains, VT, if the Town of Derby supports the proposed Derby Line Wind Project.

    The Canadians control the water that serves Beebe, a village in the Town of Derby, near the Canadian-U.S. border.

    Mayor Dutil made the statement at a gathering Sunday in Stanstead. Quebec residents toured the U.S. location, from the Canadian side, where the proposed industrial size wind turbines could stand. Dutil said that Stanstead and Vermont have had good friendly relations that includes managing the water supply to Beebe,… [continue via Web link]

    Web link:

  5. Billboard cost 425.00 per month to post, ads were 275.00 for 3 ads for two boards (one spare) + GST and HST. It takes some legwork to find the right board since billboard land owners often have veto over the message on the board. We used CBS and they were wonderful to work with.

    I just got details lined up, put the word out for help with funding the billboard project and in one day, pretty much had enough to do 2 boards for nearly 4 months time.

    Artwork is available to anyone who would like to use it. Let me know.

    • Thank you Lorrie for spearheading this. Hopefully it will provide the impetus for us to put lots more up

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  7. Excellent !! Good work Laurie! They`re absolutely beautiful, and will hopefully help, to ‘Keep Ontario Beautiful”!! Eventually.
    With a bit of luck, they should inspire others to jump in and do their part, donating funding to grow our campaign, and/or putting up their own signs in strategic locales, such as the ones David Libby has suggested above.

  8. I would put up one of these if I could on my tourist lake side busy road. any chance of getting something like this?

    • Go for it, Unveiled!! A sheet of 4×8 plywood and a little exterior paint and voila! there you go. The professional ones are good, of course, but home made ones are effective too. Any action in the right direction is better than just wishing and wanting. Remember the saying “If it is to be, it is up to me”

  9. …..One of these billboards would be very well placed on 401 east, 401 west, 400 north, Airport Rd north, Hwy 48 north, Hwy 410 north, basically any of the main routes just outside of Toronto. I suppose the prices make it a pipe dream but just imagine how many people would see it……

  10. I hope some of you do the work to locate a usable board and just reach out and see if the support is there to do a billboard. It never hurts to ask and you might just be surprised at how much support there is for it. I know I was! However, it’s important to put out details of what you are asking for money for when you are asking. If you want to know about available boards for CBS call Kathy at 705.445.3129

  11. Lorrie,
    Long Point has become a vacation mecca for Toronto cityites. Tourist season is fast approaching. The “World Class Biosphere” will be crazy packed with vacationers. The Clear Creek turbine development can be seen across the march to the east of the causeway.
    I have abandoned my home in the Clear Creek area. I am currently paying my mortgage on my empty, unsaleable house while renting another place to live. I will need help with funding. If anyone is interested in supporting this project, please let me know. A professionally made permanent sign will catch the attention of a huge number of people this summer in Long Point.
    Norfolk County Council-there’s not a darn thing you can do about it.
    May 24 weekend is approaching.

    • In the meantime don’t wait for the billboard. Use homemade signs until you can get the billboard.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this Fiona. AIM/IPC/SUEZ/MIKE CRAWLEY has recently invaded our area as well and a number of people are suffering because of their turbines. We know from the experience over in Clear Creek that this gang of theives of health and property equity are absolutely unwilling to help mitigate the damage they’ve caused. And the MOE is in their back pocket. I hope you are able to put a protest together for May 21st to help get the message out.

  13. Okay, someone help me out here. I had friends coming to Owen Sound and the Bruce yesterday on Hwy. 10. I told them all to keep an eye out for the sign between Flesherton and Markdale and not one of them saw it. They said they were watching for it, but didn’t see it ANYWHERE on 10. They saw lots of other billboards along the way, but none that dealt with wind turbines.

    I had even sent them a pic so they knew what to look for.

    Can someone clarify where this sign is again? I thought it was just south of Markdale.

  14. Wow could you put up the one picture that a member made of
    “Ontario , ours to recover

    With daton surrounded by turbines and ruined landscape?

    Thats a strong message, the pic alone says it all.

    I also like Greed
    Energy Act $$$$

    Some “real” photos of turbines close to homes or on fire and such instead of blue skies and fluffy clouds!

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