‘I don’t plan on moving because of wind turbines’ says Stayner man

STAYNER – Kevin Elwood is all too familiar with North and East Perth’s concern about wind turbines disturbing their small rural community. For years, Elwood has been involved in his own fight. The owner of a 100-acre nursery and landscape business near Stayner, Ontario, Elwood is one of many residents in Clearview Township that are taking a stand against a proposed wind turbine development in their community. Elwood said he first learned of the project from WPD Canada in late 2008, and asked the lease holder if there would be any consultation with neighbours regarding the location of the eight wind turbines.“The answer I got back was that it was a done deal,” Elwood said. “That started me investigating wind turbines.”

Elwood said he began reading into Ontario’s Green Energy Act, and felt that wind turbines were being forced upon rural Ontario with no benefit to the community. When WPD Canada announced the initial layout of the eight 479-foot turbines, Elwood and his neighbours formed Preserve Clearview Inc. as a response. “We looked at ways we could participate in the planning process and realized there were no options for us,” he said. “We looked at ways that we could prevent the project from moving forward.” read article

8 thoughts on “‘I don’t plan on moving because of wind turbines’ says Stayner man

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  2. Most of the opposition, everywhere, to wind farms is centered around visual impact, sound and vibration, flicker, medical effects, propety values, power costs etc. These are all well justified and important. However two very powerful arguments against McGuinty’s policy are (1) wind doesn’t displace any significant amount of coal generation, and (2) after we’ve overbuilt the already-committed wind projects, inescapable practical grid managements issues will result in wind displacing nuclear, which will be replaced by natural gas, so that Ontario’s CO2 emissions will increase. Absolutely absurd!!

    • It never seems to occur to eco-nuts that if you do A that B,C,D and so on can happen.
      Never occured to eco-nuts and the CAW that rural Ontarians buy union made vehicles.

    • AND, how about the insanity of SPILLING water at hydro-electric generating faclities? so that the bought and paid for intermittent wind generated electricity MUST BE accepted into the grid!

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