Wind farm opposition grows

Kelly McShane, Cottage Country Now
POWASSAN – Local wind power opposition is gaining momentum. “The key is communication. It’s been very difficult to get information,” said Anne Smith, who is in opposition to a proposed wind power project that would be located near Maple Hill Road, south of Purdon Line. Smith said the lack of information is intentional on the part of the developer.

“It causes controversy and that’s part of a strategy by the developer to get their project completed while we’re all busy with infighting,” she said.

Smith organized a public meeting at the Powassan Legion on April 30, which was attended by about 100 concerned residents looking for information on the Anemos Energy proposal. According to the company, the project could be up and running by 2015. “It’s the placement in the process that gets everyone upset,” she said.

According to Smith, residents weren’t informed about the project until it was about two years underway.

“We saw them clearing land, but we just assumed we were getting a new neighbour,” she said, noting she was shocked to find out the clearing of land was to accommodate a wind resource measurement tower.  read article

15 thoughts on “Wind farm opposition grows

  1. In a dramatic escape!
    ‘[excerpt] It is unclear at this point where Powassan council stands on the project.’

    Looks like they were under alot of pressure – had to make quick decisions – and, were
    willing to leave citizens ‘out in the cold’ – to fend for themsleves.

    Ah – huh –
    have I absorbed this properly?

  2. Is it possible that some local councils won’t spend either the time or the money to research the renewable enrgy project companies that come before them to curry their favour?
    Landowners are signing leases with IWT companies that don’t have the financial resources to carry these wind developments and it’s offten difficult for them to obtain financial information to begin with. So then the signed leases get sold,and some projects that start development and are then sold. In the end it’s the landowner that is the stuckee.
    Each local community involved with developers must do their own investigations and also get help from anyone who can help them.

    • Developers will only provide as little information as they can get away with. It’s up to the people affected by these developments to dig up the needed information. Good to get the information anyway to check it against what the developer tells people.

      • Hey Barbara,
        Remembering ‘Golden Goose’
        Not corrupt – enough
        Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to merge with IESO –
        things should get coordinated – now!

        ‘coordination’ – is that the same as ‘stealing the grid’ – ?

        Golden Goose flush with contracts – yet stock – stuck for years.
        Stuck in Nevada – that is
        Must be ‘communication problem’ @ the SEC –
        from your link –
        J. C. Pennie –
        Mr. John Craigans Pennie is Chairman of the Board of Wind Works Power Corp. Mr. Pennie is the principal of Windrush Corporation a project development company that has developed nine energy projects in Ontario, Canada. Several of these wind energy projects have been sold or joint ventures have been established with international firms such as Energy Faming International of Germany; Schneider Power of Toronto; GE Energy LLC of Schenectady, New York; and the Pattern-Samsung Consortium of USA/Korea. Mr. Pennie has been on the IESO (Independent Electrical System Operators) renewable energy standing committee. The IESO is responsible for coordination of generation and transmission with electricity demand. Mr. Pennie is also Vice-Chairman of DareArts Foundation for Children, founded in 1994 using multi-cultural arts education programs for children at risk. DareArts has reached over 130,000 children in Canada.

      • Might be a good idea to capture the article touting the advantages of being on the inside of government in this sorry affair. And how these companies can be flipped to bigger sharks. Show this to local councils and others who promote IWTs to show them we have been right about this scam from the get go. Also pays to have corporate directors with insider connections in your corporation.

    • Hey Barbara,
      As the evidence shows us:
      Put simply,
      The proponent enters through the back door.
      Ever heard of ‘Chicago Style Politics’ – ah huh
      The mayor, CAO and clerk know everything.

      The concerns are dealt with – maybe, over lunch.

      I would say – some councillors – are kept in the dark.
      It’s obvious – they are being briefed – and, whoever is doing the briefing
      controls the situation.
      Some councillors have declared – a ‘conflict of interest’ therefore,
      it is in their
      best interest – to keep the information/process ‘confusing’.
      Let’s not penny pinch – eh?

      But – what citizens should know – the project still needs
      a ‘building permit’ to proceed – to the next stage
      therefore –
      the municipality has to deem everything is wonderful –
      the application is complete – building permit is issued –
      and, the proponent moves to the Environmental Ministry –
      saying – they got everything they needed –
      the public can comment
      and, you know the rest.

      Still some municipalities – know nothing.

      Yup – Chicago Style Politics
      Challenge that!
      Wait – we could blame the ‘Environmental Screening’ – secretary –
      screening the message.
      Did I leave anything important out?

      • Oh – it’s important to know
        how math and science works together.
        I’m a little rough in that department.

        But we don’t have to worry –
        low life – ex – politicians like Al Gore –
        and ‘on the run’ green activists – like Suzuki
        have that covered.
        Collapse the economy! ……and, everything will be good.

      • Hey – I think it’s called ‘Doing Things Together’ –
        but, not for you and me.
        If I’m dead tomorrow – forgive me.
        I can’t buy a house in heaven.

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