Wind companies swap land leases

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Suncor Energy says there’s nothing unusual about a land swap agreement it has in Lambton and Middlesex counties with a neighbouring wind company. Suncor plans to build an up to 62 wind turbine Cedar Point Wind Power Project in parts of Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores. Lambton Shores is also where Nextera Energy plans to build its proposed 150-MW Jericho Wind Energy Centre. The Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, one of the local citizens’ groups opposed to wind farms, recently posted to its website a copy of a Suncor document about the swap agreement with Nextera.

“What I can say is that’s a normal part of business agreements that take place from time to time,” said Suncor spokesperson Michael Southern. “The reason why Suncor would consider something like that is if it helps us in developing the best wind power project we can.”

The correspondence states the companies have decided to separate their projects by exchanging of options for easements from landowners each holds in the proposed areas for the wind farms. The document says land agents for the two companies will be contacting landowners to discuss the transfer. “They got all the leases they could higgledy-piggledy, and now they’re starting to swap them so that they’re more strategic,” said Marcelle Brooks, a member of the wind action group.

Brooks said she lives “dead centre” of Nextera’s project in Lambton Shores, and close to Suncor’s. “Our areas are literally crawling with wind reps,” she said. “There’s doing all kinds of assessments and surveys . . . Wherever we go now they are in fields. They’re all over the place.” Read article

10 thoughts on “Wind companies swap land leases

    • Inorder to protect their lease rights the developers make sure they have control over the landowner and the landownwer’s rights. Plain and simple this is the way it is. Anyone who signs one of these lease agreements with an IWT developer is foolish.
      At least the local press is catching up to where we are in this situation. What took them so long?

    • Yes, if the original lease terms allow this. Often subleases to other parties can also be done.
      Each of the IWTs costs ~ $2M and so the developer does anything and everything to protect the investment. Developers don’t care about the landowners in these deals. It’s all about protecting the developers.
      Have to be daft to think that a developer is going to spend ~ $2 M/IWT and let the landowner have any say in these deals.

      • When a renewable energy developer needs ~ 20 pages contract to lease your land this should raise red flags straight away unless of course you are stupid.
        Maybe landowners should draw up their own ~ 20 pages lease contracts and see if the developer would sign them?

  1. Barbara…. I have a copy of the Samsung lease agreement! It’s 30 pages long!!! Included within the 30 pages are some interesting inclusions such as Schedule C Section 7 Paragraph (E) which states as follows “The Lessee (ie; Samsung) shall ensure that all Turbines on the Property are located at least 350 meters from the centre of any such Turbine to the centre of any existing house on the Property”. So much for the so-called 550m “safe zone”! Contrary to the understanding of most of the general public, the IWT company is permitted, if you sign a lease agreement, to erect IWTs within 350m of the “center of your dwelling” NOT 350m from your “lot line”!

    • You have gotten hold of the proof. These contracts are written for the benefit of the developers and not the landowners. 20-30 page leases tie landowners in legal knots they probably can’t get out of.

  2. These monsteres have destroyed our once beautiful province, I live In Chatham /kent . my wife and I took a drive the other day along a couple of bcak roads , every road we took has drive ways fro turbines even through the bush, Some within 30 yards of the road . There is no place left to go to see wild life or have anyplace where one can go for a walk without the flickering lights , grinding drone, and whoosh of these obscene intrusions on our lives. . The Ontario government is just out of touch and out of their minds

  3. The government certainly is out of touch
    with reality, knowingly promoting a scam
    that economically and environmentally
    makes no sense. The world is a crazy
    place thanks to Agenda 21.

  4. This story is repeating it’s self wherever these IWT are being erected. The people that signed these contracts deserve everything that their getting. The poor folks that live next door and didn’t sign up don’t deserve to be forced to live under the terms of these contracts. They have had their hard fought for rights, through numerous wars and lost sons, removed for a few pesos. The neighbour wasn’t thinking about you living next door when they signed up, so sue the pants off him for your lost civil liberties. Time to strike back and stop taking it up the………………….

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