Anti-Wind Rally On The Border: Quebec Politicians Enter Fray

by Robin Smith, The Orleans Record
DERBY LINE, Vt./STANSTEAD, Quebec — A member of the Canadian Parliament representing the border town of Stanstead wants to be a party in the Vermont regulatory hearings over the Derby Line Wind Project.

MP Jean Rousseau said Sunday, during a rally on the lawn at the international Haskell Free Library, that he will also present a petition opposing two industrial-sized wind turbines in Derby near homes in Stanstead to the Canadian House of Commons this week.

Roussea is seeking a unanimous vote of support from the House of Commons for the petition. “This is endangering the citizens of Stanstead,” said Rousseau, a member of the minority New Democratic Party.

Sen. Joe Benning of Lyndonville told the hundreds of people at the rally that the region is “under attack by people seeking to make a quick dollar.” Read article

14 thoughts on “Anti-Wind Rally On The Border: Quebec Politicians Enter Fray

  1. Very commendable that MP Rousseau is wading into the fray. Where the he!! are the MP’s when the turbines are planned in Canada!? Deafening silence. Perhaps we should have elected more NDP MP’s in ON?!
    Stuck with a Conservative MP – nothing but crickets.

    • NDP MPP — great Idea. Get a petition in gear.

      Read this first though:

      The NDP is committed to aggressively expanding renewable energy, conservation and efficiency in Ontario as the path to the development of a vibrant green energy economy in the province.

      To this end, we will maintain the feed-in-tariff (FIT) program for smaller projects led by farmers, municipalities, churches, schools, co-operatives, First Nations communities and private producers. We plan to expand the ability of community-based organizations to become significant power producers.

      As well, we will mandate Ontario’s publicly-owned power generator (Ontario Power Generation) to engage in an ambitious program of large-scale renewable energy projects in Ontario, creating a sustained demand for products and services from Ontario-based renewable energy companies.

      Maybe the like (migrating) Duck Soup — blended and mashed!

  2. Don’t these people know that both the NDP and the Liberal Party are backing IWTs? Are they just trying to fool these citizens that they will do something about IWT installations in their area? Afterall Mike Crawley is president of the Liberal Party of Canada. NDP strongly backs renewable energy projects in Canada. Someone from Ontario with Quebec connections in that area should clue the citizens in.

  3. Maybe this crowd could protest in front of the two locations where the landowners have signed the
    leases. They are the pigs at the trough that have caused this mess. Protest and threaten to sue
    them for taking away your enjoyment of property and for devaluation of property value. No matter
    how many wind companies have their salesmen combing the communities, it is the landowner who
    signs the lease that should bear the whole blame for the mess he has created. One other point,
    there is no good place to build an industrial wind project!!!!!! You can’t make arguments for why
    you don’t want IWT in your area and then say you see the need for wind energy, just somewhere
    else. You just shot yourself in the foot.

    • Shot yourself in the foot alright but you hear this over and over. People just can’t see the connections to what they are saying and what this means.

  4. Quebec………..a different kind of Province.
    The NDP Federally was elected big time in Quebec and as a result are the official opposition. Obviously they think totally different about IWT’s than their Provincial counterparts particularly since it might affect their “Quebec” electability next time around. When it comes to the NDP, whether Federal or Provincial, they’re all the same. What a bunch of two faced, say what you want to hear, hypocrites.
    Where is a good place for an IWT………on the Parliaments front lawn in Ottawa and Queens Park in Toronto? I’m sure there is enough verbal wind generated there daily to keep those things turning full blast for the next twenty years, no FIT needed.

  5. Paul Desmarais Sr is CEO of the Power Corporation of Canada (PCC), His son is married to Jean Chretien’s daughter. In 1974, Desmarais named employee Paul Martin, Jr. as president of a Power Corporation of Canada subsidiary, Canada Steamship Lines Inc. Paul Desmarais is also the former employer of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, Brian Mulroney and Maurice Strong, the “father of the Kyoto Accord. From Wikipedia.

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