Kingsville farmer hamstrung by turbine

By Sarah Sacheli, The Windsor Star
KINGSVILLE, Ont. — For 35 years, Henry Armstrong and his older brother have farmed 98 acres at Inman Sideroad and North Talbot Road in Kingsville. Now a wind turbine erected on a neighbouring farm across the road has changed the face of their land forever.

“I’ve lost my rights, no consultation, no compensation,” Armstrong said, standing where soybeans are just about to push through the earth. Back in 2010, the brothers decided to split the farm down the middle, putting each half in one of their names. They still farm it jointly but, getting on in years, they thought a severance was prudent for estate planning purposes.

“We thought we should divide it in case something happens to one of us,” Armstrong, 64, said. They filled out the necessary severance paperwork with the town. Months later, on the eve of their application being approved, the town’s planner discovered the footings of a wind turbine going up across the road. She insisted that Armstrong, for his half of the farm that falls within 550 metres of the turbine, would have to get the property rezoned to never allow a home to be built on much of it.  Read article

15 thoughts on “Kingsville farmer hamstrung by turbine

    • What a nauseating article! It does explain why some people believe that rural areas are useless. In a lot of places such as London, rural areas are needed because of their location and access to food ingredients. How else do we feed people?
      I definitely take issue with believing that Southwestern rural areas are undesirable. The land values have only been going up. We have a wonderful climate for growing food and some of the best soils.
      Perhaps the real issue is that Samsung, or Suncor or any list of other multinationals want a piece of it and it’s easier to get once you force people out. There is no way to loose by leasing large tracts of land through out rural Ontario.

    • Rural people are much better able to survive adversity than urban people are. Rural people can provide their own food, shelter, heat and water. Force the people out of rural areas into cities where they can be controlled by just food and water supplies.

  1. You got that right, ‘thebiggreenlie’! Nothing could be more obviously,blatantly, Treasonous, than proceeding with his province-destroying (Un)green energy pursuit, against the advice of everyone ‘In-The-Know’, including even his own Auditer General, resulting in the immediate downgrading of Ontarios once (pre-McGuinty) top knotch credit rating. He listens only to his masters, in the corrupt Wind Industry, of which he is a partner and future proffiteer, along with his closest freinds and likely even family members.
    He and they, all belong in prison, for the balance of their days, the obscene profits returned to the province, minus compensation for all those adversely affected by IWTs and/or Solar installations, since day #1 of this fiasco.

  2. I posted a comment on “Wind companies swap land leases”. I could just as well have posted it here. This unfortunate person is caught up in the middle of a battle directly resulting from the Liberal’s insane GEA policies, which are now being propped up by the NDP. The more you read and research the more ludicrous it is to continue to go down this road.

    jack said “This story is repeating it’s self wherever these IWT are being erected. The people that signed these contracts deserve everything that their getting. The poor folks that live next door and didn’t sign up don’t deserve to be forced to live under the terms of these contracts. They have had their hard fought for rights, through numerous wars and lost sons, removed for a few pesos. The neighbour wasn’t thinking about you living next door when they signed up, so sue the pants off him for your lost civil liberties. Time to strike back and stop taking it up the………………….”

    • Another case/example where IWT installations interfere with property rights of neighbours. Couldn’t any town councils, officials and staffs anywhere in Ontario figure this out to begin with?

      • Some of them (councils) couldn’t figure it out, because they are too stupid…. however the subject of expropriation without compensation– which is what happens when your neighbour puts up a turbine, was certainly explained to councils by wise individuals !!!! Sooooo… they can’t even claim ignorance in this case.

    • Footing for a wind turbine across the road discovered? Dose this mean that the town issued the foundation permit for this turbine? If so is the grounding plan included with the foundation plan as the grounding or part of the grounding for the IWT is under the foundation. Next question is. Was the grounding properly installed? Who inspected the foundation and when?

      • It seems the “town’s planner” hadn’t been doing much planning at all.

        Wow, the turbine footing just materialized overnight!

        Just another day in the life of Gooberville …

      • They should also get hold of copies of the permits and any grounding diagrams if available.

    • Until something appears in the media no one will take your word on this situation. People think you are just making things up because you don’t like IWTs. Now the victims have to pay the price.

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