We’re headed to highest hydro rates Queen’s Park

By Toby Barrett, Sachem
As the cost of electricity climbs because of green energy schemes, people continue to fight the conga-line of industrial wind turbines snaking around rural Ontario. Locally, opponents to the Next Era Summerhaven Wind project in Haldimand County are pursuing a legal challenge. Haldimand Wind Concerns and Bill Monture of Six Nations have appealed the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) approval of the wind project leading to preliminary hearings last week. Hearings are tentatively scheduled later this month in Hagersville with the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal expected to hear 10 days of testimony on the project beginning May 28. The tribunal will hear challenges such as risks to human health, wildlife, plant life and the well-being of the environment.

As well, a recent Fraser Institute study predicts Ontario ratepayers will pay an average of $285-million more for electricity annually for the next two decades to fund green energy subsidies. We’ve already seen a doubling of the electricity rate since 2003. In two years Ontario will have the highest household power rates in North America, after Prince Edward Island. Read article

14 thoughts on “We’re headed to highest hydro rates Queen’s Park

  1. The FI’s $ 285 million is low.

    Our work for the OEB indicates that the short term increase for residential consumers will be about $ 1 billion per year (by 2016).

    • The world is watching!

      -according to McGuinty Liberals – ‘We’re too wealthy’
      The affluence of Ontario is a major world problem –
      the economy must be destroyed – quickly!

      Re: ‘sustainable development’
      Conservation/rationing is the way to go.
      – citizens must now – lower their standard of living –
      so future generations – will ask,
      ‘What were they thinking’? – and laugh!

      Ontario caused it all:
      read all about it – here

      Collapse the economy – save the world.

      Seriously now –
      maybe Liberals should get – a grip.

      • Seriuosly…..the only thing they have “a grip” on is our tax dollars.
        Ontarians can hear that Liberal/NDP toilet flushing it away all a crossed the province

      • And the list keeps growing. Got to keep the research grant money machine spewing out the money.

  2. McGuinty Liberals – Omnibus Bill 55
    – shovel ready – and ready to kill – everything

    We’re closed – sorry – too bad – nothing to see here
    Application Package
    Species at Risk Stewardship Fund 2012/13

    The funding window to submit an application for the 2012/13
    Species at Risk Stewardship Fund
    is now closed.

    Please check back for any future funding opportunities.

    Closed – Sooner than we thought

    • CBC News, Apr.13,2012
      “Suncor gas price-fixing reaps $500K fine”
      Suncor agreed to pay $500,000 fine for gas price-fixing at some of its Ontario gas stations.

      • hey, Reuter’s picked up on the story too
        Ontario the ‘corrupt’ – anything can happen here now

        * Suncor pays $500,000 fine for price fixing

        * Incidents occurred in 2007

        * Boosted training since learning of investigation

        CALGARY, Alberta, April 13 (Reuters) – Suncor Energy Inc , Canada’s biggest oil refiner and retailer, said on Friday it agreed to pay C$500,000 ($500,000) fine after pleading guilty to charges that it and a competitor worked to fix the price of gasoline in a small Ontario city in 2007.

        The Canadian Competition Bureau charged that Pioneer and Suncor’s Sunoco retail gas chain in Belleville, a city of 49,000 172 kilometers (107 miles) east of Toronto, coordinated their response to changes in their competitors’ gasoline prices between May and November 2007, an offense under the country’s Competition Act.

    • businessGreen, May 10,2012
      “California eyes cap-and-trade link with Quebec”
      California’s carbon trading plans include the possibility of linking the cap-and-trade-scheme with a similar Quebec mechanism. This is nothing more than another raise taxes scheme whereby carbon credit traders make millions trading carbon credits and politicians get more money to spend.

    • Not too terribly difficultat al, unless you’re just the “lackey” taking orders……………………

  3. Hamilton Utilites Corp. & Horizon Utilites Corp.
    Edward Minich, Pres. of Otis Canada on Boards of Directors of both the above companies.
    Richard Sandor, Chicago Climate Exchange & Indo Suez > Edward Minich, Pres. Otis Canada.
    Hamilton Utilites Corp.
    Horizon Utilites Corp, Hamilton

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