MOE’s Motion to Dismiss Denied (again)

The ERT sent notice that the motions to dismiss Haldminad Wind Concerns (HWC) appeal have been denied. A further motions day to discuss HWC motions is planned for Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm. at 655 Bay St. Toronto. There will also be discussion with regards to the announcement about the motions to dismiss being denied.

The motions to dismiss Bill Monture’s appeal has been granted in part but allows Mr. Monture to continue his appeal with respect to grounds alleging serious harm to human health, or serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment. There will also be discussion May 9 at 1:00 pm at 655 Bay St. Toronto about Bill Monture’s being granted in part and denied in part.
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9 thoughts on “MOE’s Motion to Dismiss Denied (again)

  1. From looking a the above picture of what appears to be Bill Monture and people from the government discussing something, I’m questioning as to why the two sides are sitting so far apart? This is a negotiating tactic, to keep the two sides far apart so as they cannot look each other square in the face , for psychological reasons i’ll not go into here.. To the government,its as if no-one is in the room.. They can do what they want.. Ideally, you want to be as close as possible to the other side, get into their “sphere of influence”, if you will..THAT makes for good communication, not separating people as government seems to want to do.. “Divide and conquer” is their motto..
    The wind companies I think, are starting to get concerned about all the opposition to them, and they should be..The pressure on them WILL be kept up until a satisfactory conclusion to rid ourselves of this dictatorial government and their bed-partners comes to pass..They need to rest assured opposition will NOT go away, but each day opposition becomes stronger.I only hope it gets done before its too late and this province is reduced to less than nothing….

    • Please come and be a part of the process even as you find fault with it.

      You would have appreciated the way in which Bill challenged and changed the configuration of the seating arrangement to suit the more inclusive, traditional style of discussion used by the original people.

      • These are formal legal proceedings with long established protocols which can include seating arrangements and not negotiations.
        Negotiations work well with people closer togther and are more like conversations.

      • Then the protocols need to be changed……There are a group of us here in Port Elgin, (S.T.O.P.) that are involved in a fight of our own, namely, to have an IWT removed from the Town of Saugeen Shores, which was foisted on the residents of this community by a union ( the C.A.W.). The setbacks currently in effect for this province to locate these IWT’s doesn’t apply to this Turbine because it was approved BEFORE the current setbacks were passed. There are over 100 families living within 200 meters of this monster, so we have a fight on our hands here. If the C.A.W.succeeds in letting this behemoth operate, it sets a dangerous precedent for the province..I could go on, but ’nuff said.. More info can be found on this at the S.T.O. P. group , on Facebook..Check it out..if you haven’t already done so.. We are all in this together, so, perseverance is paramount, and these carpetbaggers have to know that we will NOT go away, until we see a fitting conclusion to this governments’ bad decisions and a total end and repeal of the GEA…

      • Agreed, but legal proceedings are adversarial where opposing sides present information/evidence to judges who then render a decision based on the evidence presented. Or at least this is supposed to be the case.
        Negotiations involve conversations among interested parties who try to reach an agreement on the issues under discussion.
        Union negotiations are not legal proceedings.
        To change this would involve changing laws. Is the purpose of this hearing to reach a negotiated agreement with the government and the developers?

  2. Sparky….. I join Johana in inviting you to become “a part of the process” here in Haldimand. What happens here has an effect on ALL of rural Ontario. Mr. Monture has earned the support of HWC (and indeed the vast majority of rural Ontario) in his determination to see justice and sanity prevail. We look forward to hearing both Bill and Eric challenge the MOE’s temptation to “rubber stamp” everything that comes across their path, from these international “Green Energy” companies, whether it makes environmental sense or not.

    • John and Johanna..I get the feeling that you feel my comments were maybe a slam at Mr Monture and company.. If this is the case, the comments were NOT directed at him or anyone associated with him trying to do the right thing here..In fact I support him and his endeavors 100%..Im glad Bill had them change the seating, because he is right to do that.. I have sat on many negotiating committees in the past as a union negotiator so I have some knowledge about how ruthless things can be… .Do you trust the government to look after the welfare of this province??You know my answer.. Once again, if you feel I offended you or the native people of this province here, I apologize, and assure you it was not my intent at all. ‘Nuff said..

      • Sparky….. No offence taken and no apology required!!! Keep up the “Good Fight”!!

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