HEAT tells St. Columban community not to give up

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate 
Now is not the time to give up.

That’s the message Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) brought to a half-empty Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Columban last Thursday, May 3 when organizers presented their financial statement and offered to help local landowners present their concerns about the proposed 15-turbine St. Columban Energy LP wind development.

“The crowd is a little bit small tonight and we know the community is losing faith in what’s going to happen here. But, it’s not the time to lose hope,” said HEAT member Gerry Ryan, who encouraged St. Columban residents to continue to make their concerns known to the Ministry of the Environment, the municipality of Huron East and the wind development company’s consultant Stantec.  read article

7 thoughts on “HEAT tells St. Columban community not to give up

  1. NEVER give up. This is exactly what the turbine companies are hoping for. I too have run into people who have given up. Thrown up their hands and are walking away. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it is disappointing, etc. We all need to persevere.

    • Rural Ontarians need to think about what they will lose if they give up. Maybe if the information as to who is behind this is better circulated they would be encouraged to carry on. This is nothing more than a money making scheme at the expense of rural people
      People need to understand that using wind and solar has no effect on climate change so no reason to use them and it dosen’t matter who owns the wind & solar projects either as they don’t work period.
      The wind and solar projects have no effect on imported oil. No saving there either.
      Attack the major lies associated with the promotion of wind & solar. Let people know who the fat cat developers are that are promoting these schemes.

      • Planet earth could burn up or become a chunk of ice tomorrow and wind turbines and solar panels can’t stop this from happening. Wind and solar are useless in preventing climate change. The whole sales pitch for installing these is based on lies.
        The well connected fat cat developers and ENGOs are using politicians and political parties to put this scheme over on the public to enrich themselves.

  2. $90,174 to Fogler, Rubinoff, defenders of Suncor’s Kent Breeze Wind Farm at the ERT hearing in the matter of Erickson v. Director, Ministry of the Environment!

  3. ……the municipality of Huron East
    still stuck on ‘stupid’ – announces they have a legal opinion.
    Great balls of fire!
    a legal opinion from 2 lawyers – a sleep @ the wheel –
    ‘Do nothing’
    but still sent a bill – eh?
    to the municipality.
    Your tax dollars – @ work for you.

    Hydro One refuses to build transmission lines – but, council
    does not raise ‘eyebrow’ – eh?
    – the ‘lawyer gods’ – obviously,
    have the last word here.

    Gee – wonder what lawyer Wainfleet used?
    Time is running out!

    If you’re crazy – and you know it
    pass it on……….
    Not a peep from the mayor – nope, nothing –
    but, maybe soon..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Was the room half empty or half full? Depends on how you look at things. Don’t ever give up. You can never regret giving it you all.

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