Wind turbine appeals get go ahead

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
HAGERSVILLE – The Ministry of Environment has failed in its bid to have a challenge to the Summerhaven wind turbine project near Jarvis dismissed.

Last week in Hagersville, Nadine Harris, a lawyer for the MOE, asked the Environmental Review Tribunal to dismiss an appeal from Haldimand Wind Concerns and aboriginal hunter William Monture of Six Nations on the grounds that the appeals were beyond the purview of the tribunal.

The motion for dismissal was heard at the Hagersville Community Centre last Friday. The tribunal, chaired by Heather Gibbs, denied the MOE request in a written decision late Monday.

In its decision, the tribunal dismissed Monture’s complaint that the sponsor of the Summerhaven wind farm has a duty under law to consult with First Nations before proceeding with the project.

However, the tribunal agreed that Monture’s appeal can proceed on the grounds that the 58-unit turbine project may have an impact on plant life, wildlife and the environment.

The review tribunal has set aside 10 days at the end of the month for a full hearing, which will take place at the Hagersville Community Centre. Read article

4 thoughts on “Wind turbine appeals get go ahead

  1. Make sure to visit the article’s site and vote yes believing that this appeal will be a sucess. Precedents have been set and the case is set to be the most effective yet, but it will take a lot more money to finish the job.

  2. The HWC lawyers MUST,, 110% have all their ducks in a row for this…Their case has to be absolutely bulletproof, as you know,, the government shysters will definitely have some nefarious things of their own planned.. This case will see who has the better legal team.. my money is on the HWC team….

  3. Folks:

    Be aware of this spin on the story of dropped appeals!

    Anti-wind groups drop their appeal when asked to provide evidence

    Ontario got a second wind farm approval through a tribunal appeal under the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. The appellant, the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group Inc. withdrew its appeal suddenly, only a week before the hearings were supposed to start.
    This means that the 10MW Zephyr wind project Watford, Ontario can now go forward. Read more …

    Of course when you go to the newspaper story — it’s a little different!

    Wind farm opponents have withdrawn their appeal of Ontario’s approval of a four-turbine Zephyr Farms project near Watford.

    Several weeks of hearings were scheduled to begin next week in Alvinston.

    Esther Wrightman, with the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, said it made the decision to withdraw its appeal Thursday following a recent pre-hearing decision by the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal.

    That came after the Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment submitted “about 170 questions” about medical, real estate and other records the government wanted answered by 23 witnesses the wind group planned to call at the hearings.

    Wrightman said the tribunal ruled, just six days before the start of the hearings, that it wanted to see the information the ministry requested.

    “It’s like being tripped on the last lap of your race,” Wrightman said.

    Gathering and compiling all of the information being sought before the hearing date wasn’t possible, Wrightman said.

    From the Observer…

    “As much as we’d like to, it would have been a shoddy job,” she said. “You have to do it right.”

    Going ahead with the hearings, in light of what the tribunal said, wouldn’t have been fair to the group’s witnesses, Wrightman said.

  4. norilsk,
    You are absolutely correct.
    It will take $$$$$$ to win.
    So to all of you, please support HWC.
    It will help all of Ontario, even though it is playing out in Haldimand County.
    Thanking you all.

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