Another green energy firm closes in Windsor

CBC News
Siliken Renewable Energies closed its solar panel production facility Friday in Windsor. The company made the announcement almost one year to the day after it opened and on the very day it was revealed the city still has Canada’s highest unemployment rate.

“It’s disappointing news for this community,” Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said Friday while in Windsor. Duncan compared the solar panel industry to the arrival of the auto industry, when there were several auto manufacturers fighting to enter the market.

“The strong competitive ones survived. Unfortunately Siliken couldn’t make a go of it,” Duncan said. “Market conditions have been bad for solar around the world.” Read article

12 thoughts on “Another green energy firm closes in Windsor

  1. Duncan says “its disappointing news for this community.”
    No Duncan its disappointing news for anyone who is idiotic
    enough to believe in McGuinty’s dream of a ‘green economy’,
    which currently appears to be caving like a house of cards.

    • At last Duncan must have read the world financial papers and knows that the solar industry is in financial difficulty. But one might not know this if one only reads the GTA papers.

  2. Duncan says ,,,,, Duncan does ,,,,,,
    I don’t know who coined the name Spanky for Duncan but I laugh at this puppet every time Spanky speaks.

  3. Mark Meldrum is the only one who knows what he is talking about in this article. McGuinty and Duncan hire “experts” or “consultants” all the time. Why don’tcha give this guy a jingle, Dalton or Dwight? Ya might learn something.

  4. The early auto companies didn’t need subsidies and Green Energy Acts to start up and stay in business. People were eager to buy their products.
    Serves these politicians right for listening to makers,developers and eco-nuts. Promising people green jobs and now the workers are let down.

  5. ‘[excerpt] The province gave WindTronics $2.7 million to open in Windsor.
    The company’s president said the provincial feed in tariff (FIT) program was not working for him, so he moved the business to Michigan.’
    ‘[excerpt} In March, wind turbine manufacturer WindTronics closed up shop after two years in operation.’

    And, of course – the ‘money’ – will be paid back.

    Ontario’s ‘hard working’ families – would like to know.

  6. Duncan said. “Market conditions have been bad for solar around the world.” Yeah becuase no one can afford this joke . It’s almost as bad as the turbines

  7. “Attracting investment like Siliken’s manufacturing plant is precisely what the McGuinty government set out to do through the Green Energy Act and FIT program. Working together with companies like Siliken we are promoting renewable energy and made-in-Ontario technology, creating new jobs for Ontarians, and making our air cleaner for our kids and grandkids,” said Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Minister of Energy.”………………………………………….. This pretty well sums up McGuinty and his gang of idiots doesn’t it?

  8. Still can’t get over the disconnect with Caudet saying that his company did not receive gov’t incentives, what do you call the exorbitant FIT rates (44cents to 80 cents/kWh) solar receives Paco?? This guy is from Spain and once he saw the well running dry there, he decided to move to Ontario. This is just another sign of our society evolving into one of a mindset of entitlement where we believe everything must come from the gov’t yet cannot connect that the gov’t is US! and our hard earned $$$.

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