Pay more for wind turbines

by John Divinski, Bayshore Broadcasting 10 May 2012

It doesn’t happen too often but Armow resident Ashley Duncan received applause and a standing ovation from some Kincardine councillors after delivering her address on the pending Samsung/Pattern wind farm development in her area.

Duncan got right to the point, urging council to approve a building permit increase for turbines to 35 thousand dollars apiece — well above the normal going rate. That works out to more than 3.4 million dollars.

She says if the turbine developers are going to move into this area, they usually have plenty of money behind them. Duncan urges Kincardine to get its fair share with a hefty building fee.

She says Samsung/Pattern Energy is planning on 99 turbines in the Armow area, up from the last reported 95.  Duncan wants council to stand firm with the municipality-imposed setbacks for turbines, although any developer does not need to heed to anything but the Green Energy Act. read article

9 thoughts on “Pay more for wind turbines

  1. $3.4 million may seem like big money to most folk. It is nothing compared to the income generated for these companies. This amount will not deter them. Is this the value you put on your health, wildlife, beautiful countryside, quality of life? This is what was taken from me. These machines are not only harmful but they are not financially viable and they do not produce “green” energy.
    The leeches of the industrial wind industry are sucking our hard earned tax dollars right into their own pockets and destroying us in the process. Our children for heaven’s sake will be paying for this tragedy in years to come.
    Looking at the big picture: it will be these same people buying up Ontario wasteland; for dirt cheap prices; waterfront property, prime agricultural land. They will also take control of one of our most valuable and needed resources to sustain life; the largest body of fresh water in the world, our Great Lakes.
    The government will become a complete dictatorship.
    To sell out would be an insult to our fore fathers. This is not what they went to war and gave their lives for. Ontario must be kept “strong and free”. We must make difficult but smart choices. Dig in our heels, stand united, run these bastards out of town. This state of destruction and empowerment will not go away unless we make it. It will take the strength and courage of everyone.
    Pretty heavy stuff, believe it. We are in a serious state of turmoil. We must take a stand now; NOW so the Ontario in which people gave the ultimate sacrifice – remains to be the the Ontario we know, our home.
    McGuinty and his government have brain washed, “green washed” many people of Ontario. He is our present day Hiltler.
    To do nothing, is disgraceful. It will end in tragedy. Ontarians are becoming to be known as a complacent, lazy, docile bunch. McGuinty is betting on it. We are much better than that. We must not take for granted the luxuries we are accustomed to. It will not be handed to us on a silver platter. We had it all. It is now being taken from us. Hard work and good old fashioned values will be imperative to our success.
    ” Keep our land, glorious and free; stand on guard for thee.” It is our duty.

  2. I thought I had great hand/eye coordination –
    but, ‘the focus’ is chilling –
    re: committees
    It would appear citizens are directed towards committee meetings –
    if ‘ya wanna’ know ‘things’
    The kinda things – that drive your day!

    House calls: we do things together
    Get to know your neighbours:

    Easier said than done – click on Agendas and Minutes

    Don’t some psychologists say – some unstructured playtime is advisable? Mmmm
    Power search –
    who knows something – about maintaining high standards?

    Could citizens have a ‘free demo?

    • further to my comment above…………
      ‘who knows something – about maintaining high standards?’
      This is something really important.

      Bruce County, Chief Administrator Officer Wayne Jamieson
      has announced his
      retirement -effective October 31, 2012

      We know what happens next:
      the ‘vetting process’ – like a cold shower –
      for the true bounty of nature.

      Bruce County – Boo! …….and falls off cliff, while kicking can down road.

  3. “Fair share”?????
    Mine as well make lemonade….better to be on top of the train than under it….
    Sound familiar?

    Isn’t this just the same as negotiating with these people? Well you don’t negotiate, you find a way to run them out of town.

  4. “Fair share” are the words of the reporter, and not me.

    You don’t think we’re doing everything in our power to “run them out of town”? Give me a break. I am so sick of this sanctimonious feedback. If we could just pick up our pitchforks and get on our horses, it’d be all over by now.

    • Ashley, you are right. Seems there are many rural Ontarians who still think that the present government will act in their best interests and do the right thing if they only keep asking them/the government. The IWT developers are the owners of the IWT projects and they are now running the show as the Green Energy Act gave them this right.
      Just who in the present government is going to say no to these developers? These are rich and powerful people and elected officials don’t dare say no to them. That is not if career futures are considered.

  5. It was also reported that no action was taken, which is false. A notice of motion was submitted at last weeks meeting and we are proceeding in a suprisingly favourable direction. For a change.

  6. Surprisingly!
    ……probably not –
    All I see:
    Kincardine is on its way to hell.
    When you pave a road –
    in that direction – the conclusions ‘still’ – always point to hell.

    Maybe councillors – still not informed?
    It definitely makes you wonder – why not?

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