Peninsula prime for turbines. Plans for 200 turbines running into local opposition

By Denis Langlois, The Sun Times
Wind farm developers see the scenic Bruce Peninsula as an ideal locale for industrial turbines.

At least two companies have announced plans to erect some 200 turbines throughout the northern stretch of Bruce County.

“We have always believed that the Bruce Peninsula is a good wind area to add to the Ontario grid and we believe that is why our project is still on track,” said Daniel LeBlanc, project director for Preneal Canada, which hopes to build up to 75 turbines in Northern Bruce Peninsula.

The company says it has already approached landowners and signed agreements to develop a wind farm of up to 200 megawatts in the former Eastnor and Lindsay Townships. Just south of the proposed Preneal project, Tribute Resources has announced plans to erect 125 turbines in South Bruce Peninsula.

The company, which says it has acquired options to lease on about 10,000 acres of land near Mar, says it has determined after three years of collecting data that the wind resources on the Bruce Peninsula are “among the best in Ontario.”

But while wind developers favour the peninsula, many in the area, which is part of a UNESCO world biosphere reserve and a key migration route for birds, say it is the last place a large-scale wind farm should go. read article

5 thoughts on “Peninsula prime for turbines. Plans for 200 turbines running into local opposition

  1. People can resist all they want, until people wake up to the socialist approach being taken by the Libs, Dippers, and Greens and start voting differently, the govt will keep lying, cheating, stealing, and forcing its agenda on us all, to our mutual destruction and eventual enslavement.

  2. This is just criminal , Mcguinty and his cronies must go and soon before there is nothing left.

  3. Perhaps, the doctors and such are now a tad pissed off with their reductions they will start publicly speaking about the health issues as a few have…..on mass would be refreshing.

    Ethic’s charged with various professions have been bought by money.
    It’s well before time that these groups of professional’s? spoke out with the 2million or so rural communities that are affected,already damaged and are looking at a wilderness that no real so called G20, G8, type of country would inflict on it’s own people.

    This is a type of Syrian repulsive behavior where the guns are infra sound and all it’s fast/slow destruction of life that is within 8-10 klm’s of IWT’s is set on innocent people.
    The blood money that involves all of this IWT industry, is worse than the the blood money of the diamond industry.

    All of this is a terrible crime, a disgusting charade of a so called save the world scam.

    Police,OPP RCMP CISIS investigate lesser crimes……….this should be a priority!

  4. Peter, give your head a shake. The cops in Toronto have to spend their time investigating reporters looking over Rob Ford’s fence. They don’t have time for silly stuff like this.

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