NO NextEra! Attend Bluewater council meeting- May 17

Important meeting at the Bluewater Council’s special meeting on Thursday, May 17 at 7:00pm (@ The Stanley Complex, 38594A Mill Rd., Varna – where council holds there regular meetings) NextEra has applied for delegation status.

NextEra’s purpose – for the Municipality to finalize policies for wind energy companies and complete the Municipal comment form for submission, on the NextEra projects.

It is a public meeting and BAT has been granted delegation status as well.

I will be giving a talk after NextEra and we need to fill the building to show NextEra and council, once again, we mean business, are not going to stop the fight and will not go away anytime soon.

Please clear your slate and come to this MUST ATTEND meeting.
Thank you for all your support,

Dave Griffiths.
President – BAT – Bluewater Against Turbines

9 thoughts on “NO NextEra! Attend Bluewater council meeting- May 17

  1. Is the flea market on weekends at/near Grand Bend still operational? If so it’s a good place to contact tourists with IWT information and now tourists for the US as well.

  2. NextEra – in town – sealing the deal!
    One popular option –
    Apply the ‘precautionary principle’ – and, just say ‘NO’ –
    ….would bring a good positive flow into the community – Good Luck!

    ‘[excerpt] NextEra’s purpose – for the Municipality to finalize policies for wind energy companies and complete the Municipal comment form for submission, on the NextEra projects.’

    For info:
    Special Meeting:

    • Huron – ‘puke bucket’ ready!
      – evolves around – Al Gore/McGuinty –
      Those unforgettable moments!

      Huron council – redefines dictionary – in their own image –
      a political strategy
      sus.tain.abil.i.ty (noun): social, economic and environmental practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
      The other meaning:
      And – What about ‘principles of sustainability’ – who cares!

      Sustainable Huron is a community-wide initiative intended to raise awareness and foster action to enhance community capacity in the face of global issues. Local communities will be affected by changes in: climate, energy prices and supply, demographics, international competition and other trends.

      Maybe you shouldn’t be fooled – maybe jump on board.
      It’s all about ‘education’ – should you take advantage?
      You may pay a little more – but, who cares!
      Full steam ahead – 100 proof!

  3. Yeah, I went to all that sh*T!
    I think it’s possible that all and anyone involved/taking money/lease holding councilor’s that voted on all that green poop,could be in for a little “slap up side there heads” shortly.

    Council is directed…..there could be a few CEO’s slapped too!

    Oh! and the exposure will follow them to their graves……………..

  4. For the time being make sure all affected by these two companies knows what their fat cat connections are. Ask if anyone on council or their relatives have any financial interests in these IWT projects. Get them on record.

  5. I attended the meeting in Bluewater last evening and was astounded the Mayor continues to chair meetings, instruct council and vote on wind issues. All this despite being the holder of turbine
    leases for which he received an annual payment. This man flaunts the law, disrespects residents and makes a mochery of government. I cant believe how much he is loved by the residents. Nobody will take this power broker on – sorry Bluewater you dont stand a chance.

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