Green energy leaves Windsor with broken promises

CBC News, 14 May 2012 ~~
The green energy sector has not delivered to Windsor the number of jobs several firms collectively promised during the last three years.

Through media releases, public announcements and media coverage of grand openings, CBC News has learned that eight companies promised they would fill up to 1,480 jobs in the alternative energy sector by the end of 2012. To date, three of those companies are operating in Windsor and employ approximately 262 people.

According to company spokesperson Patrick Persichilli, CS Wind currently employs 225 people. Schletter Canada, which manufactures solar panel mounting systems, employed 12 people in November of last year. It previously promised to hire 125.

Unconquered Sun confirmed Monday it has 25 employees but said in August 2011 it would double that number by the end of this year.

In an email to CBC News, Unconquered Sun CEO Sean Moore said he is in the process of hiring an additional 10 employees. “We have another planned expansion in July and will be hiring more at that time,” he wrote.

Moore’s company has diversified into manufacturing solar powered golf carts and pool pumps. “We’re not stacking panels in the corner and waiting for the phone to ring,” Moore said.

WindTronics, Siliken and Unisolar of LaSalle have closed up shop and left, leaving 480 promised jobs unfilled. Solar Source Corporation and Algatec were to collectively bring 400 jobs to the region but never came. read article

11 thoughts on “Green energy leaves Windsor with broken promises

  1. Ron Gaudet (CEO of Windsor-Essex Eco Development) asks
    the question: Why after a few years are companies starting
    to have problems?
    I’ll tell you Ron, it may have something to do with the fact that
    they have used up all of the government grants/financing they

  2. I you are an employee of one of these “Green Scam Companies” and want to know when your job will come to an end, all you have to do is find out how much money is left in the kitty that McGuinty forked over to the company to have it open and then find out how much it “spends” of the the remaining money each day and divide that into what the balance is. The answer is the number of days left that you will earn a living!

    • Or you can use this method as soon as the grant is given/offered and calculate how long it will take for the business to fold before the business ever opens.

  3. Promises, promises, McGuinty breaks everyone,everything,everywhere he goes.
    80% of grant for CEO wages cars house/office……..holidays
    20% to staff and rental/borrowed production equipment from the last solar buddy that went bust.

    Sound about right?

  4. But you do have to feel sorry for Windsor! They actually voted for him!
    Trips to Germany and China sound very nice on the taxpayers dime!
    I wonder if he or his family/friends have any financial stake in green energy companies?
    If I wanted any sound business advice the last person I would go to is an elected politician or a long time government bureaucrat!!! Both only know how to waste tax dollars and politicians, once elected, appear to lose all sense of any fiscal responsibilities they may once have had!
    Perhaps we should start a move to actively encourage Windsor to become Ontario’s green energy hub and take on all the IWTs and solar arrays threatening the rest of rural Ontario?
    The blustering and empty promises of all those still pretending industrial wind and solar still make sense would be rather funny if it wasn’t turning out so tragically for rural Ontario.

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