Atwood area resident calls police on Invenergy surveyors

NORTH PERTH — An Atwood-area farmer called police last Tuesday in an effort to get Invenergy Canada surveyors off his land.

Koos Wilting said he received correspondence from Invenergy Canada stating the company’s intention to survey Wilting’s three parcels of land. Wilting’s lawyer responded to the company, writing they wouldn’t be permitted to do so. This correspondence went back and forth for about a month to a month and a half.

On Tuesday, May 8, Invenergy Canada representatives arrived at one of Wilting’s properties. “They visited the house after,” said Wilting. “We just talked. We came to the conclusion that we disagreed.”

Wilting said his lawyer had advised him he could contact the authorities should surveyors show up and not wish to leave. So he telephoned the police and gave them the cell phone number of one of the Invenergy representatives. An officer called the representative and they spoke by phone.

Wilting says the group then proceeded to his third property. He called police again, who attended the scene. read article

9 thoughts on “Atwood area resident calls police on Invenergy surveyors

  1. It will probably cost that farmer a huge bunch of cash to prove the contract is invalid…The company,basically said &*ck You!.we are carring on as normal and treat the rest of our landowners with the same distain…SOB’s

  2. Do not even try to tell me that sympathy for this landowner is warranted. Wilting is a grown man, he has been a successful businessman for many years. He CHOSE to deal with the wind company, they did not force him into a contract. Mr. Wilting now decides to break a contractual agreement. Many web sites have provided the information , that would prevent this situation……yet….people like Wilting prefer to scam others for their own good. It has now bit him in the ass and he wants out!….
    I truly hope that the wind company sticks it to him and he suffers worse than the innocent victims of this crime….that he helped create!

  3. Mr. Wilting – may be on – to something!
    If this is true – this could bring others forward – to speak out.
    An invalid contract – is no contract at all.

    ‘[excerpt] He said he isn’t permitted to discuss the details of his contract, but would say he and his lawyer believe the contract to be invalid.’

    Gee – and maybe shareholders should hang onto their money. eh?
    …….or, at least – press pause!

    • And – what about these contracts?
      I’d take a second look – valid, or not?

      ‘[excerpt] “This is a community project, everyone in the project area has the right to understand what is going on and has the right to know what the plan will be, number one,” Tang said, adding it’s also part of the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process. “Farm Power is composed by a lot of the local farmers. They’re the owner of the project.”

      Then again, as far as Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill sees it, the biggest hiccup is how the parameters of the Farm Owned Power (Melancthon) Inc. project, which first proposed local farmers holding a 51 per cent majority ownership stake, has changed since the concept of a community-owned wind farm was first proposed.
      Currently, farmers own a 35 per cent stake, and once the project gets up and running, they won’t have any equity position at all, the mayor suggested.
      “The involvement with the local farmers has changed significantly,” Hill said, noting farmers will still develop the project and lease land to the wind developer. “But, once it is up and running, they won’t have an equity position.”
      There have been some rumblings China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited is owned by the Chinese government. As Tang explained, the company is publically traded on the Hong Kong market, but government-run China Guodian Corporation holds a majority stake.–chinese-wind-company-eyes-dufferin

      • These farmers don’t have the needed capital to complete this wind project. So those who put up the money will have the final say in this project. The farmers get used for both the leases and permits?

  4. Name the politician who would be willing to say NO to a renewable energy company If ex-politicians can maybe get 5-10 gigs on corporate boards @ $50-100K each or a position at a top law firm what do they have to lose? A UN position?
    People need to wake up and find out what kind of game is being played here.

  5. Quantum of Solace 2008, this film woke up a lot of people to this scam….I think a lot of people get it, but there are 38 year old farmers around here that don’t have a computor…go figure?
    and the general idea is free retirement….what the hell!.I ain’t here 9 months of the year anyway ,and hey! it’s rented……..I’ll be dead before they get here or shortly after!

    Unfortunatly it is beyond most peoples imagination what is being played out here.
    It is crops, families and kids and Gran kids……..

    Short of James Bond taking out the players……we have a F*king good chance overall.
    Lets get dem signs up!

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