Blenheim Town Hall Meeting – June 14

Industrial Wind Turbines and Your Family Health — Town Hall Meeting
Carmen Krogh (BSc Pharm) will discuss information related to health affects and industrial wind turbines.

  • Rick Nicholls, MPP Chatham-Kent-Essex will address turbine issues.

When: Thursday June 14, 7:30 to 9 PM
Where: Blenheim Community Golf Club (439 Chatham St. South, Blenheim)

Since 2008, Krogh has volunteered her time to research and report her concerns regarding risks of adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines on human health. Ms. Krogh was the first investigator in Canada to help carry out a self-reporting survey of people reporting adverse health impacts as a result of the construction and operation of industrial wind installations near their homes in Ontario. Krogh is a peer reviewed author of several articles on this topic including, Industrial Wind Turbine Development and Loss of Social Justice.

4 thoughts on “Blenheim Town Hall Meeting – June 14

  1. On behalf of many, our thanks to you Ms. Krogh for all that you are doing to expose the devastating health effects caused by IWTs here in Ontario. I may be one of your next study subjects as our family will be situated 550 mts away from a proposed project in Wellington County.
    Again, many thanks for your honorable work.

    • IWT owners and/or principals, who live opulent lifestyles, have brought in their projects and think it’s ok for rural Ontarians to be collateral damage.

  2. What did you learn today?
    Now – you can get a free expert opinion.

    From One Wisconsin Farmer to Another:

    This is an open letter to Wisconsin farmers who are considering

    signing a wind lease to host turbines on your land.

    Before you sign, I’d like to tell you about what happened

    to our family farm after we signed a contract with a wind developer.

    “By signing that contract, I signed away the control of the family farm,
    and it’s the biggest regret I have ever experienced and will ever experience.”

    -Gary Steinich, Cambria, Wisconsin. June 2011

    Sometime in late 2001 or early 2002, a wind developer working for Florida Power and Light

    showed up near the Wisconsin Town of Cambria looking to get in touch with someone at the Steinich family farm.

    He wanted to talk to the landowner about leasing a bit of land for the installation of a met tower.

    He needed to measure the winds in the area for a possible windfarm and Walter Steinich’s land looked like a good place to do it.

    The wind developer seemed like a good guy to Mr. Steinich who was in his early 70’s at the time.

    The money seemed good. A met tower didn’t seem like a big deal.

    It was just a tall pole with some guy wires, and it was temporary. Mr. Steinich signed the contract.

    That was nearly ten years ago.

    Mr. Steinich has since passed away and now his son, Gary, runs the farm.

    He’s written an open letter to Wisconsin farmers about his experience with the wind company since then.

    Original link – read more:

    • Nice diagram of the geometry involved in IWT siting. Most of Illinois land was laid out in one mile square sections and then divided into four 160 acre parcels. So there the IWTs are sited into square land plots whereas in Ontario IWTs are sited into rectangular land plots of ~100 acres which then makes the Ontario IWT sites much more intrusive on the neighbours property.

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