Rally declares ‘It’s now or never’ to stop wind turbine development

Prince Edward County News, countylive.ca 16 April 2012 ~~
The battle against government-enabled Industrial Wind Turbine projects has been stepped up in Prince Edward County.

Members and friends of the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) believe “It’s now or never” as the projects threaten to destroy the County’s naturally green environment. “A real white pine does not kill birds. A real white pine does not cause illness, raise Ontario’s electricity rates, destroy tourism or reduce property values”, is the campaign mantra, said Duncan Fischer of CCSAGE.

“Citizens have launched the “Naturally Green” and “Turbine-Free” campaign, through CCSAGE, aimed at convincing provincially-elected representatives that a majority of Prince Edward County residents strongly believe that their personal health and economic viability depend upon maintaining turbine-free neighbourhoods in this tourist-based area. Their goal is to stop final approval of proposed industrial wind farms in the southernmost part of the County,” Fischer said.

The campaign involves distributing hundreds of lawn signs proclaiming the County’s “Naturally Green” and “Turbine-Free” heritage. The signs are augmented with billboards, posters, field signs, automobile decals, advertising and a neighbourhood rally with live music and a barbecue set for May 26 in Milford at the Mount Tabor shed. read article

11 thoughts on “Rally declares ‘It’s now or never’ to stop wind turbine development

    • Have to put it in perspective of what matters to people.
      Ninety percent of Torontonian’s wouldn’t know what
      green energy or a wind turbine was, and they could
      care less because it doesn’t affect them. Our politicians
      are the ones that need to be educated, cause it was
      these dickheads that have taken us down this road and
      its all about the money.

      • When it comes to renewable energy politicians are now doing what they are supposed to do. Renewabe energy is mostly owned and controlled by some of the world’s richest people and when they call the shots politicians listen or their future political and or other prospects won’t be very promising.

      • Green energy experiment failed in Europe,
        should not even have happened in North
        Politicians….money….Agenda 21

      • Madasabat, your perception of Torontonians is almost correct.

        As I stare out of my condo window at the CN Tower and robocitizens going about their business, I realize that it’s probably closer to 99 percent of the city doesn’t know squat about green energy and industrial wind turbines.

        And speaking of dickhead politicians, only in Toronto would the loony-left portion of council think that banning the long-running (62 years) Sportsman Show from city owned-property (Exhibition Place) would serve to diminish black on black and domestic gun violence. All this, quotes columnist Sue-Ann Levy, “makes downtown white people feel better that they’ve done something”.

        Well, that’s exactly the same attitude that causes most urbanites to love things like the long gun registry, phony green energy and IWTs … it makes them feel better about life but causes them no personal discomfort. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me, but what do I know, I spend most of my time in the stix with the hix …

  1. Sceptical Gord,
    You will be pleased to see Council passed a motion last week brought by Councillors Grimes and Colle allowing the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show to return to Exhibition Place next year.

  2. Energy Tribune
    “Understanding E=mc2”
    Explains how Einstein’s equation can be applied to renewable energy and shows the limits of renewable energy.
    Copies of this article should be provided to all MPPs, local councils and those who believe that wind & solar will work. The science for the use of wind and solar dosen’t exist.

    • 1,000 MW generated using 1-1.5 MW turbines occupies 125 sq. miles but turbines operate at best 30% efficiency so 375 sq. miles are actually needed. This is related to the density of wind. This is using 50 storey turbines.
      It would be good to include this information in handouts for those who want to learn about the science involved in IWTs.

      • Wind developers go into any given area they want to install IWT projects and gather the wind data. Then they get landownwers in the area to sign many more options than are needed for their development. Based on the wind data and the type of IWT to be used they then sign the leases they are going to use. In other word the IWTs are plotted out and the needed leases are signed. All this is kept confidential so those who signed options won’t know who will get the final IWT leases. Also called making “adjustments” for the IWT placements. Local councils also kept in the dark along with the general public about final IWT locations.
        Handing out options also provides IWT developers with much more support for their projects than they would otherwise get. If the turbines were plotted out first then only a few landowners would be involved in the actual projects and get the initial options to lease.

      • By signing many more options to lease than are needed for an IWT project the local landowners can be used to promote these projects for the benefit of the developers.
        IWT developers have encountered great oposition to their projects so now “sweetners” in the form of community funds have been added to their bag of tactics to get their IWTs installed.
        In the end only the sites needed will be given the actual IWT leases and these are not many.

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