Libs’ disdain for rural folk hard to miss

Jim Merriam, QMI Agency
Last week’s musings about the potential loss of 60,000 jobs in rural Ontario due to the removal of slots from racetracks in the province brought a question from a reader. He wondered how I could conclude the provincial government “couldn’t care less about the small towns and rural areas of the province,” based solely on the fact that moving the slots threatens the rural-based race industry.

Let me count the ways. Rural abattoirs have been forced to close across the province because of onerous regulations from Queen’s Park. Fifteen years ago, Ontario had more than 900 businesses to process meat and poultry. Today, there might be 130.

The regulations, by the way, were nothing more than meddling; there hadn’t been problems. Meanwhile, they’ve seriously interrupted the local food chain and helped to make a joke out of the same government’s promotion of eating food produced locally.

Wind factories are being forced down the throats of rural Ontarians to feed the hunger for power in the Golden Horseshoe and beyond. Local governments have no say over such developments, nor do neighbours and other landowners. The province continues to ignore all the issues being presented by wind factory opponents.

Maybe some of the unbending bureaucrats will begin to get the message when they see how their Bruce Peninsula playground will be ruined by dozens of wind turbines planned for that area. Read article

30 thoughts on “Libs’ disdain for rural folk hard to miss

  1. This isn’t just “disdain”……it is pure and unadulterated “intentional action to de-populate Rural Ontario”. I guess people can’t get that through their heads because it sounds so outrageous. Of course it’s outrageous!…………for honest, hard working and freedom loving Canadians, but not a Government “hell-bent” on forcing Rural Residents out of their homes and into the cities so they can deliver services cheaply and claim Rural Land as a “Resource” so that it can produce dollars for developers and investors like the Wind Scammers!!!!
    It’s right in front of you in reports sanctioned ……by the McGuinty Government!!!!

  2. Under the new environmental agenda meat is not allowed or only once a week because livestock produces so much CO2. Accomplished by making meat so expensive it’s only for the rich. If humans are not supposed to eat meat then why do they have 4 canine teeth?

      • Without the Internet the eco-whackos would have gotten away with their crazy ideas!………..they hate the Internet because it shows the world how we are all being abused by these evil people!!!!

  3. Just below the above story is: “Germany’s Green Revolution Turns Into A Bloodbath-‘Solar Valley’ Literally Gets Obleterated”
    Sovello went bankrupt this past week. Company was formed in 2005 from Q-Cells & US Evergreen Solar.

    • It’s alive anyplace where subsidies continue to feed the scam which includes Ontario.
      Who in the present Ontario government is going to tell renewable energy developers NO? Not when at least some of the elected MPPs think they will benefit in some way from this scam now or in the future.

    • In the above article scroll down to near the page bottom:
      Michelle Mitchell said. “Living in fuel poverty is miserable. It leads to serious health problems and at worst kills people.” “The Independent Hills Fuel Poverty Review said that the lives of only 10pc of excess winter deaths are due to fuel poverty that would be more deaths per year than fatalities on our roads.”
      People have just become collateral damage.

  4. Liberals are not stupid. They know that as long as they win the urban vote they will remain in power. As the proportion of urbanites in Ontario continues to grow…. a few new urban ridings and the Liberals will get their majority back.

  5. Hey Ben,
    I agree with you to a point.
    But – with Mayor Ford –
    a conservative @ city hall in Toronto – things are changing,
    and, citizens are noticing.

    On the ‘world stage’ Liberals are starting to look ‘stupid’
    When you see stuff like this:
    on a government website – you start to think twice.

    The good news is:
    ‘stupid’ is defined in the dictionary.

    Definition of ‘stupid’:
    1.lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
    2.characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
    3.tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
    4.annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio. a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

    There is good reason for citizens to be concerned –
    Liberals are ‘stuck on stupid’……
    pass it on………..citizens have noticed!
    Ontario is ‘bankrupt’ – the evidence is there – for all to see!

    • Hey thinker i agree with you to a certain point.We are not bankrupt they created it to keep us as slaves and politicians are made stupid including most of us to think this way. A 12 year old girl is more in tune than most adults in this country if you care to think this through.

      • Hey C2 I’s,
        After listening to this video you have to ask:
        Who’s her daddy?
        My daddy taught me – to never get on my knees –
        no matter what!

        I went to a private school – taught by nuns – and, financial wizards – they were.
        They knew every banker in town.
        They taught me – to be a ‘critical thinker’ – and, a free spirit – that’s probably, what got me expelled – for a week.

        Through debate they taught ‘awareness of democratic liberty – the right to choose, be represented, and leadership’ –
        understanding of:
        ‘……mindless worshippers of the system…..I vowed that I would never be a slave to a system that crushed my individuality and destroyed my freedom’

        So – grappling with freedom –
        who’s her daddy, and what’s ‘his’ belief system?

        ‘[excerpt] More recently, they’ve been talking values and priorities, says Grant. “I started asking how you determine if something has value, how much is a house worth, or clothes. What is of ultimate value in our lives?”

        Why this style of parenting? “I want to make sure they can learn how to think critically,” he says. “I want them to question. Obviously my daughter is influenced by my opinions, but there’s going to come a time when she’s going to say, ‘Dad, I don’t agree with you.’ I want her to think it through herself and challenge ideas that are out there.

        Since March, Victoria has given her speech — she placed third in Southern Ontario in the Christian schools competition — at a Primerica insurance company meeting in Kitchener, at a Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia, and this week in Montreal at an international conference on “Degrowth in the Americas.” (It marked the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, when another plain-spoken Canadian child, David Suzuki’s daughter Severn, then 12, gave a barn burner speech chastising grownups for degrading the Earth’s environment.)’–how-a-speech-on-banking-by-12-year-old-victoria-grant-12-went-viral

        ‘[excerpt] Victoria’s father Zane acknowledges that some skeptics might feel the opinions expressed in his daughter’s speech are not entirely her own. Victoria said she wrote the speech while her parents helped edit it.

        “It’s a combination of both [of us],” said Zane, a project manager for Research in Motion. “There’s no doubt she’s been affected by my opinions. I’m teaching them how to think critically, how to ask questions. You can’t just trust people, you have to dig in and find out yourself and that’s what I’m trying to get my children to do. I hope one day they challenge me.

        “We have never forced our daughter to do any of this,” he said. “Do I have all the answers? No, I’m still learning with our family.”‘

        yeah – ‘socialism’ and ‘sustainable development’ will save us.
        Let’s debate – game on daddy!

      • Who would let a 12 year old make national defense decisions? Would bankers let a 12 year old make decisions on how to run their banks?
        This child is speaking just like a parrot! Not from knowledge but from what adults have taught here to say.

  6. We can attack McGuinty and the useless politicians who are spouting this Green Scam all we want and nothing will change, BUT start addressing potential INVESTORS with the truth that this Green Investment feeding frenzy is over and you may just scare off the “johnny come lately’s” who want to make a quick killing!
    In other words, dry up the money and the Industry will implode!…………of course it’s our $$$$ that are being used for the subsidies but the German experience should be loudly voiced to all new investors who are trying to come into Ontario!!!

  7. Historically rural populations have always presented problems to socialists and central planners. McGuiny and Horwath do not see SW Ont as a viable food producing and small industry region with sustainable communities. At best they see it as a theme park, recreation destination and source of industrial wind factories. McGuinty once has some rural MPPs who could at least advise him, now they are all gone. Anyone care to name the Agriculture Minister? I can’t.
    Clearly the goal is to get as many construction projects underway before another election, so that the next government can never undo the damage I fear for the future of the Ont I once knew..

    • The minister of agriculture is Ted McMeekin.
      From the Flamborough/Ancaster area.
      Met him once. Not impressed.
      In that regard Carol Mitchell was much better. However, she deserved to lose as she would not listen to us rural folk in regards to IWT’s.
      McMeekin is also toeing the party line on this, of course.

      • Right. My point is the Agriculture minister has absolutely no influence in cabinet whoever it might be. At one time the post meant something, given the GDP numbers generated by the industry.. This government form McGuinty down is an urban centred regime, the rural counties count for nothing. There is no concern over paving crop land to build wind factories.

    • Yes, this is clearly the goal. The “goods” have to be delivered to those who financially benefit from the renewable enrergy schemes before time runs out.

  8. Well,hopefully the time runs out,how do we stop it?
    Education to the stupid people in the cities?
    They don’t care,unless the lights don’t work,as yesterday in Kingstone.

    There are a whole lot of people who are not stupid that still do not get………..

    GoshI was going to explode and swear with frustration this weekend.

  9. Those local elected Councils who have shown the courage to adopt Bylaws to control IWT projects should be encouraged now to enforce them! They should be leading the charge in support of wind action groups! Under the Municipal Act they have ‘general powers’, particularly with regard to public health and property value that may over ride even the Green Energy Act.
    No Council has yet gone the whole way and until at least one does little will change.

    The rural Ontario that Martin once knew is already gone I’m afraid, in 5 short years, thanks to industrial wind and solar energy companies.

    We really have no choice left than to actually fight to stop these totally useless and harmful projects in any way we can.
    We should not claim the excuse of not being able to stop them, but must do so!
    Existing contracts should not be honoured, if there is any way we can stop industrial wind and solar projects it should be now and it should be an immediate shut down.
    Contracts are usually agreed between honourable, decent and honest parties.
    Neither McGuinty’s government nor the Industrial Wind and Solar Energy Industry qualify.

    • I agree. The adjacent story from London FP is startling; 1200 existing turbines to be doubled if all contracts can be started within the next few years. Legal appeals to MOE with there cabal of high priced ideologically driven lawyers, appears to offer little hope.

      Something drastic is called for . Councills with their control over roads and fire protection, perhaps could enact stringent by-laws limiting the tonneage of construction materials passing over their roads. The amount of concrete and steel needed to construct Kinsbridge 2 (near Goderich) is staggering, all must pass over municipal roads and the residents are on the hook for road maintenance. The company even admits to slight inconvenience during construction phase! Similarly no rural municipality has fire/rescue equipment on hand to deal with 500′ towers. The wind companies should be charged with supplying this equipment.
      Similar inventive by-laws have to be passed and enforced, even at the cost of legal challenges. To do nothing is to invite exactly what the LFP story predicts.

      • Local councils can’t do this alone. Rural people are going to have to become proactive with their own initatives PDQ as there isn’t much time. Some people just want to sit back and expect their councils to do this for them. Legal challenges use up valuable time
        This is a DYI battle.

      • This is NOT A FEW years but rather something like ~ 2 years. Contracts expected to be offered in this length of time because this present government may not last any longer than 2 years. These renewable contracts have to be gotten done as quickly as possible.

  10. Have you some concrete examples what citizens might do in a DYI (?) program, other than participating in protests, writing letters, commenting on articles, supporting legal cases and so on, things that are already being done? These are all useful, but the present government is able to ignore them.without much concern.

    • Boycotts have not been used yet. There are 3 IWT companies in here that make consumer products that people should not buy.
      Another way is to block the construction of the turbines.
      As you point out, many steps have already been taken but ignored by both the government and the developers. People have the right to protect their health, homes and to live in a safe environment. The government does not have the right to remove these from the people.

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