Wind projects swarm region; Signed deals will soon more than double the number of turbines from 1,200

By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press  18 May 2012 ~~
Rose Vlemmic has one word to describe the giant wind turbines about to be built behind her Grand Bend home: Ugly. “It’s just ridiculous. We had our house up for sale, but who’s going to buy it with all these turbines?” she says.

Four years after building their dream home outside the resort village, Rose and her husband Ray have been jolted by news that four industrial wind turbines — 100 metres high — will go up on the farmland between their house and the village.

They’re not alone in their shock. As prolific as the often-unwanted wind farms already are in rural Ontario, the province hasn’t seen anything yet. While Ontario has 1,200 industrial wind turbines operating now, it has signed deals that’ll more than double that number in the next couple of years.  read article

11 thoughts on “Wind projects swarm region; Signed deals will soon more than double the number of turbines from 1,200

  1. Energy Tribune
    “Understanding E=mc2”
    Explains how Einstein’s equation can be applied to renewable energy and shows the limits of renewable energy.
    Einstein had the great ability to explain to ordinary people what he was talking about. Don’t hesitate to share this information. So far people have been willing to accept the pseudo-science that renewable energy developers have been giving the public.

    • Anyone who has had high school chemistry and/or physics should understand E=mc2 and the other energy equations and information in this article.

  2. Responsible and trustworthy!
    ….and stuck on stupid.
    Past to present – ‘energy ministers’ –
    1. Dwight Duncan
    2. George Smitherman
    3.Gerry Phillips
    4. Brad Duguid
    …………………………….’test driving Ontario’ – into the dump

    ‘[excerpt] It also named veteran London politician Chris Bentley to the tricky Energy Ministry portfolio.

    Bentley clearly hopes some of the recommendations from the recently-released review will blunt the rural anger.

    While the government isn’t about to return the planning control over energy projects that it stripped away from municipalities, it’s looking at a point system that gives priority to projects that have local backing, he said.

    “In the future, clean energy proposals such as wind projects will more likely go to communities that are either participating in them, passed resolutions in support of them, or that involves community institutions,” he said.

    “The new approach shows that we’ve listened, we’ve taken community input into account. We’ve rejected an approach that would see hundreds of different rules in all parts of the province.”

    Still, some will be unhappy with the wind turbines despite the environmental and economic benefits, Bentley admits.’

    Minister Bentley – as of today – still – ‘energy minister’ –
    has some fun relationships –
    – time after time –
    we hear the same old –
    Ontario Power Authority – play book – lines.

    Still endangering our future!
    Points! Points! Points! – what a crock!

    • The Ontario Power Authority –
      thinks fast on their
      ‘well traveled feet’ –
      they have a level of compassion now!

      The tip!
      The points system!

      I really hate it – when my ‘bubble gum’ loses its flavour.

  3. People haven’t had it up the A$$ hard enough yet to do anything constructive about this fiasco.. Until that day comes, nothing will change IMHO..

    • Local anti-wind groups need to think about promoting boycotts in their areas. As long as rural Ontarians are willing to do business with those involved in installing IWTs then these wind promoters think rural Ontarians are not serious about this issue.
      Time to do more than just try to get local councils and MPPs to take action on IWTs.

      • Include some homemade boycott signs among the ones planned.
        This next suggestion is more symbolic than anything but stop blue box recycling and just do the paper/box stuff. Throw the rest of the stuff in the trash. A small jesture that sends a message.

  4. “Tornado meets wind turbine” Kansas. At last a video of what happens to IWTs when a tornado strikes. Debris carried ~ 1 mile and 5 turbines destroyed. Southern parts of Ontario are in tornado alley during the warm months of the year.
    Show this video to your local councils as this is what rural Ontarians will have to endure.
    Rural Ontarians are not making safety issues up when it comes to IWTs.

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