Freedom of speech & information?

Tuesday May 22nd, 7:00PM @ Adelaide-Metcalfe Twp office 2340 Egremont Dr. , Adelaide
At the last council meeting the OPP were called to remove the resident who was videotaping the open council meeting. No bylaw existed to support this action.
The excerpt below is the “NEW” clause added to the Adelaide-Metcalfe procedural by-law. Note the use of bold ink for greater emphasis. The Ministry of Housing & Municipal Affairs and the Office of the Ombudsman both encourage local councils to provide video-recording of public meetings. This by-law effectively flouts that very reasonable government policy.

The author(s) of this section can only be described as over-controlling bullies. However, it is not passed, yet. (Y)our last chance to bring some sense to this council lies with the May 22nd meeting. Be there at 7PM sharp and show the council that you will not have the ‘mayor’ (king supreme, or whatever he imagines himself) telling residents what to say, what to possess, what to wear and who to speak with.

13.3 Members of the public must, while in attendance, maintain an appropriate level of decorum. The presiding member may, and at the request of any member of the council shall, determine the appropriateness of activities taking place in the public gallery. Activities which may be disruptive to the meeting, as determined by the presiding member, are forbidden. Persons who do not abide by directions from the Chair shall be required to leave the meeting.

For greater certainty, the following activities are not permitted without authorization from the Chair: applause, heckling, shouting, singing and audible speech or conversations: the use of telephones, lighting, recording equipment, cameras, microphones and similar devices, displays of written or printed material, whether worn or affixed to other personal items, consuming food or beverages other than water, except as provided by the municipality.

This is a BIG issue as it strikes at our freedom of speech, expression and access to information.

10 thoughts on “Freedom of speech & information?

  1. The (fictional) major has authorization for his own dam chair not over man. We have the right as a man to do what is right without his authorization,so long as we do not hurt anyone they cannot have authority over you as it is your right. They are servants for us and not the other-way around. I personally will not consent to their fictional authorization as they have none against me as i will go there as a non-fiction. they (fiction) will need proof they have authorization over a non fiction. Figure that one out.

  2. Can members of the press use recording equipment, cameras, microphones and similar devices?
    Attendees should all bring cameras and recorders.
    The mayor can get away with this only if people let him. Civil disobedience.

  3. I trust someone will bring a camera to tape the passing of this By-Law………………this Council has to be used as an example for all other Councils in Ontario that are “abusing their position of power” ……..and there’s a hell of a lot of them……………I’m living within one!!!!

  4. Since these meetings are open to the public then what takes place is public information.
    They did not ban paper and pencils/pens for note taking yet. Eye witness testimony can be video taped after the meetings when recollections are still sharp. Demand copies of the meeting minutes.

    • Barbara, you are still complying to an illegal by law which really is what this is all about. Pencils and papers are fine and so is videotaping. Act like a slave is really what they want you to act like cause you gave them authority over you by complying.

      • Of course you are right but in the meantime use the means you have. If you have a council chamber full of people taking notes this can be quite un-nerving to the council members.

  5. Hope somebody else is in the running for mayor and other members of council to replace this undemocratic council. It would appear council is in violaatioon of the Municipal Act if records are not being kept at meetings.

  6. It appears likely that this council is “afraid” and may have something to hide. These people were elected to serve the public, their constituents. They went to the people; they spoke in public. They asked to get elected through a democratic process. To say now they are intimated of being recorded by the public and of saying something stupid is exactly that “stupid”. You’re insulting your own intelligence. If you are not fully informed on a subject matter, don’t open your mouth and go do your homework. To go as far as changing the bylaws to thwart these people, just shows the utter distain they have for their constituents and our democratic government system. We’ve gone to war, numerous times, lost countless sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and more, just to be able to be able to utilize the freedoms we have today. To have a council decide they are above this hard fought for independence is unconstitutional in every sense.

    Further to that, on the subject of “conflict of interest”. It’s not for the individual to “perceive” if they can continue to represent the people objectively. Municipal law determines this. If there is any potential for a conflict of interest, perceived or otherwise an elected individual must divulge this and abstain from activities surrounding the subject on this basis. If you can’t, step down. This is the only way to “honestly” represent the people and maintain the “integrity” of our democratic system of governance. Doing anything else is simply just not acceptable.

  7. George Orwell will be trying as hard as he can to come back! If they found him a home in Adelaide-Metcalfe he could rewrite ‘1984’ from actual experience!

    As for Conflict of Interest as this Council shutdown appears to be IWT inspired I think the good citizens of A-M should be demanding an enquiry into what appears to be a deliberate attempt to hide something? Follow the money trail, it almost always works! Who on Council will profit, or knows someone who will profit, from these wind projects? Conflict of Interest!

  8. Well this council has 3 out of 5 having contracts. Mayor and family, deputy mayor has turbine coming and just found out his own son has a whooping 32 contracted leases ( hmmmm must of got a super deal on those lots)
    And other council has a solar pannel ( FIT) $$$ so how r they allowed to speak over the towns people!??!
    No conflict at alll !!
    No wonder theyre so nervous, its the tip of the iceburg who knows what else is burried?

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