Rondeau Park learns about turbines

We had a great afternoon to stage this turbine info picket at the entrance to Rondeau Park.  Local Blackburn Radio also helped to announce the event on the news.  It was part of a province-wide initiative to educate people about concerns regarding industrial wind development (including health, economic and environmental issues).  Several people suffering adverse health effects from turbines were on hand to share their stories with visitors to the Rondeau area and we were also joined by Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls.  Flyers were distributed to cyclists, pedestrians, campers and visitors.  Many people who stopped for brief conversations expressed concerns about their rising electricity bills, viewscape and migratory mayhem and were shocked to hear the number of turbines planned for the area.  Thanks to everyone who came out to voice your industrial wind turbine concerns and to help educate others!!!
-Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group

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