Adelaide-Metcalfe meeting shut down!

With only 20 gallery chairs set out, and council refusing to go downstairs where they usually move for packed meetings, we filed into council chambers, surrounding the council tables. 79 people fit in the room, with at least another 20 more waiting in the foyer.
The council did not care that they were clearly breaking the fire code.

The video cameras resumed, and the mayor ordered them shut down. The answer was NO. He was going to play king again and call the police on his own, but coun. Kurtis Smith asked for a vote on this call: those in favour of the OPP call: Mayor Bolton, Deputy Mayor DeBruyn and Coun. MacKinnon. Against the call: Coun. Smitn and Coun. Stokman.

The police arrived but would not enter such a packed room with so many cameras. It was hot and people were getting upset.  When the mayor realized that the police were not going to act as they did last time, he adjourned the meeting. We didn’t leave the property until all the council cars had left. The meeting will be rescheduled in a couple days to resume, where the undemocratic changes to the procedural bylaw are to be voted on – a big thanks to all who came! We aren’t done, but we did move forward.

More pics….

8 thoughts on “Adelaide-Metcalfe meeting shut down!

  1. Nice looking Council……….my question is and always will be: How can people like this even run for a political position let alone be elected?
    I doubt these people could even manage a septic tank operation!!!!

  2. Good stuff, folks. It saddens me to see councils act like this. They may be small, but they are the face of democracy – some don’t realize how important their job is and how badly they’re are betraying their duty.

  3. This council needs to be a lot less self serving, listen to and be more accountable to the folks that elected them. Integrity and Respect are obviously unknown virtues to this council.

    Keep them on the front burner and keep the fire hot. They need to feel the burn.

  4. BRAVA and BRAVO to the citizens of Adelaide-Metcalfe who are living proof of what true democracy looks like.

    Some of you young folks may never have heard and some of you older folks may have forgotten Eleanor Roosevelt’s admonition that “The PRICE of FREEDOM is ETERNAL VIGILANCE” ; that it is ETERNAL and NOT ONLY at election time.

    So, to ALL ONTARIANS: follow the example of the Adelaide-Metcalfe residents and keep an eagle eye on the workings of both elected and unelected staff who have been charged by you to CARE for your well being.

    All the best.

  5. Others are asking questions – too

    What constitutes a meeting of council?

    When it comes to respect – you get what you give

    Congratulations – to the citizens of Adelaide-Metcalfe
    Standing for ‘democratic liberty’ – still burning brightly in Ontario.

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