Shelburne Protest- “We’ll do it again”

From the Victoria Day Shelburne Protest:

We have rallied in Queen’s Park, in downtown Toronto, at wind company science fairs and MPP offices with a good number of people coming in support. We have traveled extensively, organized buses, etc. to do so. It took a great deal of effort and time and it got our message out there.

Yesterday, some gave up time from a lovely day on the long weekend to come and set up on a section of Hwy 10, in the middle of whirling turbines north of Shelburne. We plastered cars with signs and each car parked at a hydro pole so we were WELL spread out and people were able to read signs as they went by. On top of that, everyone carried a sign to double the message exposure to passersby. As was prearranged, OPP were a welcome presence for our safety and went back and forth for the whole time, slowing traffic for us.

Time: Travel time + 3 HOURS of protest (education) time.
Cost: Minor cost for gas, signs most already had, ice for coolers.

Biggest cost for most of us there was trading an afternoon of sitting by a garden with a cool drink in hand for hanging out at the side of a highway holding a sign. Good for all of you who took the time to do this. We need each other to do these things and have them come off well.

Some who were standing out there with us, have given up a great deal more in health and home because of turbines invading both. Their sacrifice goes long and beyond another few hours of time and effort to help educate.

For minimal effort and time, our message had to have reached THOUSANDS. The line of cars passing by was pretty much nonstop for 3 hours. Some pulled over to learn more. The negative responses were very sparse. The horn honking and thumbs up were plentiful. Many holding signs were encouraged by the obvious and noisy support shown by so many. Personally, I was very encouraged by the numbers who read the signs, glanced at the turbines around us and then read more signs. 3 years ago, people would laugh at the notion that there might be a problem with the industrial wind turbine icon. Not now.

For some driving by, real people introduced another side to the real turbines in the background and, in doing so, were instrumental in combating corporate and governmental bafflegab.

We will do it again. There are 66 poles available on that stretch of road. Let’s fill it up the next time.

7 thoughts on “Shelburne Protest- “We’ll do it again”

  1. Please advise us of the next protest. I know Shelburne well having worked on my uncle’s dairy farm by Masonville.

    We ran a lot of news articles and research already as well as my own family’s farm at Fergus where protests have already taken place.
    NOW magazine lied by saying land values increase! Can you believe it?

    We have many readers who are interested in this news here in Toronto as well. We have the NDACT protest signs in Toronto too but need wind turbine protest signs here too.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News / 13th year exposing lies in mainstream media.

    • If property values increased, then there would have been no need for the OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) to add a clause to sales agreements stating that the seller has disclosed awareness of renewable energy projects in an area. If property values increased, then my neighborhood would have our mailboxes stuffed with flyers from real estate agents pitching to sell our homes.

      • Inquire, in OUR area, (Haldimand) re: location of proposed IWTs and their proximity to “Homes for Sale” and Real Estate agents are SILENT on the issue. However, that’s not to say that, going through the process of actually “putting in an offer” doesn’t prompt the agents to reveal this information at THAT time. But…. no one is volunteering to answer the questions “up front”.

  2. Victor -it is probably true that land values increased ( as in vacant land cash crop land) but house prices in the area dropped – they like to play with words.

  3. Latest info on DWPInc – we got our letter in the mail today, with a plan of the proposed options. UPCOMING PUBLIC MEETINGS
    Dufferin Wind Power Inc. and Farm Owned Power (Melancthon) Ltd.
    230kV Power Line Option
    First Notice of Public Information Centre #2
    Tuesday July 24th, 2012, 6-8pm
    Horning Mills Community Hall, 14 Mill Street, Horning’s Mills
    Wednesday, July 25th, 2012, 6-8pm
    Township of Amaranth Banquet Hall, 374028 6th Line, Amaranth
    Thursday July 26th, 2012, 6-8pm
    North Dufferin Recreation Centre,706114 County Road 21, Honeywood
    Friday, July 27th 2012, 6-8pm
    Mono Community Centre, 347209 Mono Centre Road, Town of Mono
    Saturday July 28th, 2012, 1-3pm
    Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex, 200 Fiddle Park Lane, Shelburne

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