Wind turbines rile up LaSalle residents

CBC News, 24 May 2012 ~~

A number of LaSalle residents have taken issue with two proposed wind turbines and the man who plans to have them erected on Disputed Road.

Farm owner Larry Pajot wants the pair of turbines built on his rural farmland.

Approximately 35 angry residents who live near the area where the wind turbines are to be erected fired questions Wednesday night at the man who is erecting them.

Tim Parent organized a meeting held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in LaSalle.

The residents have several concerns, including declining property values.

“There are health issues; there’s property devaluation; there’s noise issues. On and on it goes,” Parent said. read article

3 thoughts on “Wind turbines rile up LaSalle residents

  1. We had a woman up our way who “sold out her neighbours” to a Wind Company and she was literally “blacklisted” by every person in the township and surrounding area……………wind signs were continuously planted at the end of her driveway and eventually she went “nuts”! Literally! I think now she’s in the Mental Hospital undergoing treatment……..not that I would condone harming anyone, but she did bring it on herself!

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