STOP hits the beach in fight against CAW turbine

By Sarah Sloan, Assistant Editor, Shoreline Beacon | 25 May 2012

Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) is continuing ahead with it plans to halt operation of the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin. In the group’s latest effort Saturday, two information kiosks were set up at the Main Beach in Port Elgin and on the beach at Goble’s Grove for people to learn “why the turbines must be stopped now.”

Over the past several months, STOP has held formal protests, well attended town hall meeting and numerous other endeavours in an effort to get the CAW to reconsider its stance on having a wind turbine so close to so many people.

Wayne McGrath, a member of STOP and the organizer of Saturday’s kiosks said the information booths were another chance for people, particularly those visiting over the long weekend, to get engaged.

“They’re being told one story, and they have no reason not to believe it. They hear the government say these things are great… it’s not such a nice story,” he said.

“We hope people will come around take our flyers, take them home and check out the available websites.”  read article

2 thoughts on “STOP hits the beach in fight against CAW turbine

  1. Reaching out to visitors and summer residents does work. There is no way that everyone involved in these projects ever can be thanked enough for their time and efforts.

    • Many visitors and summer residents are only waiting for an invitation to join the “party”.

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