Auditor huffs over wind power rush

Justin Sadler, Ottawa Sun
The fervour over whether wind power is the right way to boost the Ontario’s generation capacity grows as more projects get slated for development.

It’s a complicated issue, not isolated to this province or country.

But Ontario’s auditor general, Jim McCarter, dressed down the McGuinty government over the rush to wind power in his 2011 annual report.

Although the province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, said there’s no scientific evidence that directly links wind turbine noise and adverse health effects, the AG acknowledged more research is needed.

In recommending the ministry provide the public with the results of “objective research” on the potential health effects of wind power, McCarter noted King’s report was questioned for being merely a literature review that presented no original research and did not reflect the situation in Ontario. Read article

17 thoughts on “Auditor huffs over wind power rush

  1. This is not about understanding the underlying science about wind and solar energy production but is about making those involved in every aspect of the wind and solar industry very rich off the backs of Ontario electricity consumers.

  2. You can Huff and you can Puff, but the winds still don’t blow all the time. The only thing that constant in this, at all times, is the money being stolen from Ontario electricity consumers

    • Foreign and domestic business interests in renewable energy have come into to Ontario.Would anyone not think that the “locals” are not interested in getting a piece of this action to allow this along with their own business interests?

  3. This just in!
    Mr. McGuinty spotted @ the border – riding his bicycle –
    on his way to Washington, D.C –
    looking for ’emerging’ green jobs.

    Good News!
    CAW members – can now attend – classes
    @ the educational ‘green alter’ – and, pray for an ’emerging’ green job.
    – legal definition of ‘green job’ – still emerging

    More good news – Ford Motor Co. to create jobs in China – 3 new plants
    No kidding! Windsor mayor –
    visited China several times looking for – Chinese ‘job creators’.

    Wait – African elephant sits on Smitherman!

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    • Normal?
      Chatham-Kent – Cha Cha Cha ‘Officer’ reporting for duty

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      • Privatization – sold out!
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    • But – they want the water too

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      • The connections these decision makers have needs to be taken into consideration.

    • Yikes!

      Maude Barlow -spits and rages – I hate you! – I hate you! I hate you!

      Canada sucks!

      Conservatives suck more……………too many ‘conservatives’ won in the last election!

      The Conservative Party has filed a second motion to dismiss the robocalls lawsuits filed by the left-leaning Council of Canadians,

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      The Council of Canadians is seeking to overturn the results of last year’s election

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      The Conservative Party’s latest salvo in response accuses the council of having “an improper motive”

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      “The applications have been brought solely to provide the Council

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      In a tart response, Council of Canadians executive director Garry Neil says,

      “unlike the epithets thrown at their political opponents,

      we aren’t being accused of being Nazi sympathizers, or terrorists, or being on the side of the child pornographers.”

      “I only wish the Conservatives

      had put as much time and effort into their investigation of the robocalls scandal as they’ve put into chastising the Council of Canadians,” said Neil.

      The Conservative motion, filed in Federal Court on May 22,

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      An earlier motion said the suit was filed too late and presents no proof that the outcome in any of the seven ridings was affected by robocalls.

      The motions are not expected to be heard until late June.

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      It describes the Council of Canadians as “an officious intermeddler” without standing to bring the case.

      The Conservative motion employs the rarely used legal doctrine of “champerty and maintenance,”

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      Past position:
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  5. Energy Minister Bentley hopes the clean tech sector
    will help the economy by exporting its technologies.
    What planet is this guy from? Ontario’s expertise/technology
    is comprised of ‘import assembly plants’ that are shutting down
    as quickly as they use up their government grants.

  6. USAEE, US Association for Energy Economics
    “The Bootleggers and Baptists of Utility MACT” by Travis Fisher
    The economic theory of the Bootleggers and Baptists explains the effects of regulation and its ability to explain bizarre coalitions between moral crusaders and morally indifferent businesses.
    One such alliance has emerged between environmentalists and businesses.
    The more that is known about this situation the less there is to like about what is taking place.

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