Councillor “we got suckered into Samsung deal”

NOTE: William Monture who is a party at the ERT for the Summerhaven project is not “Bill Montour” Chief of the band council.

By Donna Duric Writer, Turtle Island News
At least one band councillor is charging band council may have been pressured into a questionable deal with Samsung C&T Corporation that will make millions for the company. Another says Six Nations made a “bad deal” getting “peanuts” for tying up its unceded lands for two decades. Six Nations Elected Council signed an agreement behind closed doors with Samsung C&T Corporation to build a 515-acre green energy park on Six Nations’ unceded lands last Friday. Council met with its negotiating and legal team who advised council to go forward with the project despite “due diligence” not being completed. Council voted 7-4 to sign the deal. Read article

7 thoughts on “Councillor “we got suckered into Samsung deal”

  1. “we have come to the decision that the decision is of our people that
    No , we do not want the wind turbines” .

    “No amount of money will ever justify the effects of wind turbines will have on our people and future children”

  2. Maybe when the information gets out Six Nations people got a similar deal from QP that rural Ontarians got?

  3. Suckered is putting it mildly – they even have a 10kw solar unit that will make them $1000.00 per mth ha ha- Dream on Monture – enjoy the ride you are been taken for. Did you ever hear of the old saying “if it looks too good to be true it probably is”.

  4. Twenty or so years from now when the last turbine grinds to a halt in the abandoned Six Nations “green energy park”, local citizens will be sadly recalling the day that Samsung, aided and abetted by Whitey, browbeat and coerced Bill Montour into signing that bad energy deal. Band members who became ill from being too close to the IWTs were demanding compensation from the government (taxpayers). Somebody said that you reap what you sow. Others say, you want to play with the bull, you get the horns.

    If these people want the turbines so badly, let them have all of them, thousands of them. That way, maybe the wind companies will ignore the rest of us who don’t want the damn IWTs at any price.

  5. Read the article below this one on Turtle Island News. On Tuesday elected chief Bill Montour threatened to call the OPP if they continue protesting Samsung’s wind and solar projects saying “We’re going to ask the OPP to enforce the law” and “It will go ahead because the people protesting are breaking the law”

    Also read the editorial on the sidebar headlined “Band council move both distasteful and dangerous”

    It’s no coincidence that the Samsung agreement with the elected council was announced on the same day that 6 nations confedaracy elder William Montour began testimony at the ERT in Haldimand. McGuinty is using the old tactics of Imperial Britain to control the locals . Divide and conquer….disgusting.

    • Well this old tactic isn’t going to work this time. This is the internet age now and people know how to use the net for communication & information. Only caused a slight disruption before the news of what happend spread all over the province.

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