Haldimand Wind Concerns has taken it’s fight with NextEra to the next level

By Aaron Gautreau, Haldimand County, NewsCentre
Haldimand Wind Concerns has started the appeal process with Next-Era’s plan to build 59 industrial wind turbines in Haldimand.

Yesterday was the first day of the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing and today Six Nations Chief Bill Monture will start presenting his case on why they should not allow the turbines. After Monture, Haldimand Wind Concerns will have it’s turn.

At the same time, local MPP Toby Barrett says the H-W-C is going to have a tough time reversing the courts decision. Read article

8 thoughts on “Haldimand Wind Concerns has taken it’s fight with NextEra to the next level

  1. Am I missing something here. The Chief is fighting against the IWT for Haldimand and I just read 200 have been approved for Six Nations??? What gives??

  2. My comment exactly posted on the previous article: Samsung, Pattern Sign Final Agreement with Six Nations of the Grand River
    by OWR

    What kind of a credible witness is he then?

    • different man. The deal was made with band council and Bill Montoure is the elected chief. The Bill Monture who is speaking at the hearing is a traditional chief.

  3. Sorry, but I am still confused. So Pat you are saying these are two different people with the same name? What is the difference between an elected chief and a traditional chief? Why was he not fighting against the IWT on First Nations Land? A friend of mine goes to get items @ First Nations and she often eats in the restaurant there. One day she was there and they had info about the IWT but it was put out for the First nations people after the date for comment so perhaps the council screwed their own people who knows?? I wonder what will happen to the projected 54 million in supposed revenue over the next 20 years??

  4. OK, so they are two different people but I am still not clear why Six Nations Chief Bill Monture is speaking against IWT for Haldimand when 200 have been approved for Six Nations that will effect his people and Mother Earth.

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