Samsung, Pattern Sign Final Agreement with Six Nations of the Grand River

By Karen Best, Communications Officer at Six Nations Administration,  Sachem

Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern) today announced a historic partnership with Six Nations of the Grand River (Six Nations) to build one of the world’s largest wind and solar projects in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.

“Samsung, together with our development partner Pattern, welcomes the decision by the Elected Council of Six Nations to join with us in building a world-class wind and solar farm in Haldimand County. After almost two years of negotiations with Six Nations, we are proud to have reached an agreement for the first renewable energy partnership in Six Nations’ history,” said K.J. Kim, Vice President of Samsung Renewable Energy. Read article

20 thoughts on “Samsung, Pattern Sign Final Agreement with Six Nations of the Grand River

  1. is this called speaking out of both sides of your mouth? on one hand stop the turbines because they could harm the area natives gather plants, harm hunting grounds but then turn around and accept trinkets from government and buddies? history repeats itself.
    what creditability does the chief now have at the Hagersville hearings?

  2. What gives??? Is this the same Chief Bill Montour, while:
    “The tribunal has set aside Tuesday and Wednesday to hear arguments from Bill Monture of Six Nations. Monture has appealed the Summerhaven installation because he believes it will be bad for wildlife, native hunting rights and plants aboriginals gather in the Haldimand area for the formulation of native medicine.”
    has now sold out his own Six Nations land to Samsung/Pattern???????

    • Seems they ignored the past history of the business dealings of renewable energy companies. This is an action they will regret for many years.

    • Different Bill Monture! The man speaking at the hearing and truly concerned with wildlife and nature is a Mohawk. The Bill Montour involved in this atrocity is Chief Bill Montour of elected band council I’m just heartbroken, but I knew they had voted to sign.

  3. There is Bill Montour and Bill Monture.
    NOT the same person.
    Elected Bill vs. Traditional Bill.

    Get your facts before you start dissing people.

      • True, but it still makes it more difficult to present before the Tribunal. Six Nations can’t say that rural Ontarians didn’t try to present them with correct information.

      • facts still are they sold out.cant have it both ways.
        either way we are left the debit when samsung walks away.
        windsor has seen the error of the renewable energy flip flop.

      • William Monture and his people have not ” sold out”- every community has many members and in a consensus process every voice should be equal and heard in decisions affecting the community.
        Using your logic that all people are the same in one area… it could be said that any community has only one voice with only one ultimate authority for consents.
        eg “Haldimand Council” of “Province of Ontario” and it definitely does not speak for me on the issues of wind projects- even though they are “elected” and given authority through the elected process.
        Band Council of Six Nations was “elected” by just over 1000 members of a community of over 20 000 people The remainder are said not to recognize band council authority for governance. The band council and chief are entities created by the Indian Act in 1924 and “imposed” upon the people of the territory we know as Six Nations.

        The history of our area is complex and I am still a learner, but this is my interpetation.
        Sometimes it is more convenient to hear and recognize only what serves your purpose.

      • what would serve my purpose.. would be to stop wasting taxpayers hard earned dollars., mcguinty has imposed this wind turbine problem on the province of ontario and he does NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

    • If only 1 out of every 20 voted these people in then why are they still in charge?
      Perhaps it’s the general perception of how this situation appears that counts here?
      A people’s heritage depends on if the price is right? But things like this have happened among all peoples many times down thru history.

  4. Bottom line…………..You’ll need to follow the money. Were it will actually go will be interesting. Wonder if there were signing bonuses???? Enough money can change ones perspective.

  5. Haldimand Council and the United Nations –
    providing new ways to do business.
    That doesn’t mean their job is done –
    citizens are still breathing!

    ‘[excerpt] “We finally got Ontario to realize we have a vested interest in those (lands). It was a very intensive two years of negotiations. It was a long time coming.” Ontario has a land lease agreement with Samsung for the land and have agreed to provide some of the lease money to Six Nations. How much Ontario is actually collecting was not released nor was the portion they are sending to Six Nations. “Although this is one project, I anticipate many, many more on the whole Grand River Tract. This is a template we can use,” Montour said. He added, “We got the free, prior informed consent (as laid out in the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights).” Six Nations was pulled into the agreement after Ontario had already signed an agreement for Samsung to lease the lands last year. Samsung attended one Confederacy Council meeting after community members voiced loud concerns during a community meeting that they had not met with the traditional chiefs. Samsung told Confederacy chiefs they had to get an agreement signed with Six Nations to develop the project or face a fine from Ontario. Ontario realized at the last minute that it had failed to consult with Six Nations prior to signing with Samsung.

    – grappling with freedom!

    • A book about Sumsung!
      The future in friendly – keep listening for your chance to win.
      Economics is all about #’s –
      I hear property values will drop by 40% or more –
      but, taxes are going up!
      Ontario – in the dumpster!

      Even for South Koreans accustomed to corruption scandals, his assertions were staggering.

      Mr. Kim accused Mr. Lee and his loyal aides of having stolen as much as 10 trillion won, or $9 billion, from Samsung subsidiaries and stashed it in stock and bank accounts illegally opened in the names of executives.

      The book alleges that they shredded books, fabricated evidence and bribed politicians, bureaucrats, prosecutors, judges and journalists, mainly to ensure that they would not stand in the way of Mr. Lee’s illegal transfer of corporate control to his only son, Lee Jae-yong, 41.

      In his book, Mr. Kim depicts Mr. Lee and “vassal” executives at Samsung as bribing thieves who “lord over” the country, its government and media. He portrays prosecutors as opportunists who are ruthless to those they regard as “dead” powers, like a former president, but subservient to and afraid of Samsung, which he calls the “power that never dies.”

      “I wanted to leave a record of Samsung’s corruption because prosecutors’ investigation turned it into historical gossip,” Mr. Kim said. “I wrote this book because I was afraid that children would grow up believing that in South Korea, justice does not win, but those who win become justice.”

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