David Suzuki bats out

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I am absolutely amazed Canada’s self-proclaimed environmentalist-in-chief continues to publish articles that completely ignore the continuous and gratuitous environmental destruction legislated by those he publicly and vocally supports.

Whilst few could disagree with most of the sentiments expressed regarding the threats facing Canada’s bat populations, to write half a page with absolutely no reference to the widely acknowledged and well documented bat mortality rates directly caused by industrial wind turbines is far more than mere misinformation but a deliberate attempt to protect Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

He rattles on about Ministers of the Environment, environmental legislation, specifically regarding endangered species, yet chooses to ignore what Ontario’s McGuinty government recently did to the provincial environmental legislation, until recently recognized as amongst the most forward looking in the world.

Suzuki has obviously chosen not to object to what Bill 55 contains just like many other Ontario Green Energy Act supporters and self proclaimed ‘environmentalists’.

Where industrial wind and solar energy projects are concerned there is no longer any environmental protection for endangered species, species at risk, wetlands, environmentally sensitive lands, in fact any environmental concern.

What outright and totally unacceptable hypocrisy.

Andrew Watts

15 thoughts on “David Suzuki bats out

  1. I 100% agree! I wrote a comment on the CTV website saying the very same thing as you. It is absolutely absurd, I cannot believe more people have not been awakened from the ignorance of these issues, by the hypocrisy we now read about daily!

  2. Suzuki doesn’t give a crap about IWT killing a few bats. To him it’s just another approach to get more contributions. This guy is one gigantic hypocrite. Suzuki will say and do anything to make a few bucks. Why anyone would believe anything he says is beyond me.
    To quote “the truth and he are strangers” (I’m sure of the source but it sure fits)

  3. Now this fruit fly is going to lecture at the Empire Club touching on the economy????
    David Suzuki,
    Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation

    Topic: Are Canada’s environmental issues
    getting in the way of a healthy economy?

    Date: June 13, 2012 12:00 PM
    Location: Royal York Hotel, Concert Hall
    Tickets:$70/$60 members; Tables of 10 $700/$600

    You be the judge!

    • The best thing about bill 55 is, it’s not JUST for renewables…..ITS FOR OIL AND GAS ALSO!!!
      I think the kitten eater could learn a thing or two from mc squinty!
      Just sayin!;)

    • Weird but true –
      The Liberal Party of Canada joins ranks with ‘leftists’ in support of:
      nature and democracy.

      Canada is a free nation – or, did the Liberal Party forget?
      The Liberal Party – a kaleidoscope of flavours……………
      ……………………………………..grappling with freedom.

      If we’re going to discuss ‘democracy’ – then, why are Liberals introducing
      Third world tactics?…………where citizens of a free nation – are being
      deceived, and lied to?
      Time for the Liberal Party – to make a choice.
      Freedom and property rights, or nothing!


      Yeah – democracy is what you make it!
      and, it’s about time the Liberals realized – citizens are not stupid.

      • I encourage you to bookmark, and refresh…………….
        The Liberals in Ontario are ‘wacko’ – and, the evidence is right here
        Ontario Legislative Assembly of Ontario

        Liberal Dwight Duncan is now taking directions from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – apparently Ontario should stay on course – not bankrupt enough.
        Good News! Bill 55 – still not in force………2nd reading
        Godmother to the poor – Andrea – still wants something……….

        I encourage you to read!

      • Mr. McGuinty and Nancy Pelosi –
        sitt’n in a tree

        Ontario Budget: re: Bill 55
        Andrea Horwath comment:
        ” not rubber-stamp a 300 page omnibus bill before people have a chance to look at it.”

        …………….a light in the fog!

      • The former Speaker of the House, Madam Eco-Nut from California.

  4. Even the letter signed by the Suzuki Foundation isn’t really worth the paper it is written on.
    Most, if not all the signees have yet to question the intent of the Green Energy Act which is to cover rural Canada with useless wind and solar machines.
    Like McGuinty they do not have the character or integrity to admit they have been totally wrong and still pretend their environmentalists fantasy still may make sense.
    These folk are not stupid, they must realise by now, like we do, that it is no more than a huge, politically inspired scam that makes Big Oil, their prime target, look like innocents.
    An under publicised letter to their buddy McGuinty, which still contains no reference to wind power is worthless.
    Until they grow up and realise that their environmentalist fantasies have been hijacked by the very global corporations they love to hate and that it is at the expense of the global environment they claim to want to save they will continue to support these idiocies because they are unable to connect with reality.
    Those who signed the letter referred to, if they were true environmentalists, would be clamoring to join the wind action groups and supporting them.
    Andrew Watts

    • Both the environmentalists and the corporates depend on each other for their survival. Both are into the renewable energy scam for their own benefit. When renewable energy can no longer be sold to the general public both groups will fold up. But by that time much economic damage will have been done and taxpayers stuck with a huge burden of debt.

  5. Making Suzuki an even bigger hypocrite is his choice to blackout his website on Blackout Speakout day to protest changes to environmental laws proposed by the Federal government in a BUDGET BILL – wait isn’t that what Bill 55 is in ONTARIO. Also note that the Ontario Liberals have not blacked out their website while the Federal Liberals HAVE. HMMMMMMM…just which side are Dalton and Friends on……


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