John Droz – Wind Energy: Based on Real Science?

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John Droz received undergraduate degrees in physics and mathematics from Boston College and a graduate degree in physics from Syracuse University. He subsequently worked for GE: Aerospace Electronics (Utica, NY), Mohawk Data Sciences (Herkimer, NY), and Monolithic Memories (Cupertino, CA). After retiring at age 34 he began a 30+ year commitment as an environmental advocate. During that time he was a leading individual on New York state-wide issues (e.g. water quality and water extraction). Two areas of interest and expertise (science and the environment) have merged with his focus on energy matters, especially wind power. Droz’s basic position is that we should be taking genuine science-based measures to solve our energy and environmental issues.

11 thoughts on “John Droz – Wind Energy: Based on Real Science?

  1. Well worth the time to view! The science is not only out there, but also it has been out there from the beginning!!! And still Ontario’s chief Dolt doesn’t see the picture…

    • At least some of the Dolts get the picture but renewable energy is about ideology and money. The science dosen’t matter. Who cares if renewable energy works or not as long as there is money to made from it.

  2. Has Ontario, through the GEA, gone too far down the road to turn back? Like the swimmer that swims half way across a river and then turns back on the assumption he/she can’t make it the rest of the way. To press on or turn back; either could be a life threatening decision. I’m hoping we’re still far enough away from the cliff and can stop this insanity. There is enough information out there to warrant pushing the pause button right now and taking some time to re-evaluate.

    If this wind/solar energy industry was truly based on a clear business model it simply wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be fighting it today. For Ontario Liberal/NDP to push wind and solar, with the FIT program, stating that it is good for saving the environment and our health, then turn around and bastardise existing environmental regulations in Bill 55 to assist in its implementation it is truly hypocritical, if not just plain ludicrous.

    The GEA was ill conceived and has done absolutely nothing to benefit Ontarians in any way. It however, has been successful in being exceptionally divisive and particularly good at creating greed and deception. Lean over, there’s a train coming our way and we’re the closest “receptor”

    Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

    • Jack,
      One needs to know from whence this comes. Check out this:

      More Recently Jim McCarter, Auditor General in his report blasted the Liberal Government their lack of any comprehensive business review and analysis — Yet this report conveniently emerged in December AFTER the October 6th Ontario election.

      Also, this John Droz presentation should be presented at EVERY open house meeting either in an adjacent rented room or outside the door for every attending citizen to view prior to entering the meeting. Take notes, people and ask his questions!

      Have local Council view this. Better yet, have local council listen to the George Hunt interview.

  3. I watched John Droz’s presentation, saying exactly what most of us have known since the beginning, and I actually cried in frustration over the intransigent stupidity of our Provincial government. And to think that citizens of the GTA couldn’t care less !

    • When one looks at how the MSM in many cases is associated with the renewable energy interests then it’s easy to see why GTA citizens know so little and care so little about renewable energy issues and what is happening in Ontario.

    • Liberal liars figure and Liberal figures lie. It appears the NDP, “Number of Dummies Party”, are now governing Ontario. Therefore, the Liberals are running around like rabbits plugging up holes to prevent NDP predator hares/harems from governing. Buy a seat here, or there, under any pretense, no matter what the cost. Promise anything, Hospitals, Schools, Roads you name it, who cares, it’s the tax payer who’s on the hook for the bill? If we lose so what, it wasn’t our money anyway, if we win, add it to the deficit. Desperation at its best, it’s all about the “ME LIBERALS”.
      The decree is: Liberal party members go forth and propagate the wind scam and please put on those red/green propeller beanies, let’s hope the wind blows favorably, we need the money………………
      Sorry I digress.
      It seems the insanity is even getting to the Premier… appears, if my sources are a accurate, on the way home this weekend it was noted he was singing…………..”The blades of the turbines go round and round, round and round, round and round all through Ontario” ……………. “The monies from the turbines goes ching ching ching, ching ching ching, ching ching ching to all my friends………………”

      Ah……………think I’ll go have a few beers…………..after all it is Friday

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