Wind farm consultations start over

By Don Crosby, The Sun Times

Representatives of NextEra Energy were grilled by members of West Grey council over company plans for a revamped wind farm near Priceville.

Community relations consultant Derek Dudek told council Monday that because the proposed location of the project has been enlarged, the public notification process must begin again starting with the first public information meeting planned for July 18 in Durham. The location is yet to be announced.

A second public meeting required under the Green Energy Act is to be held in October.

Coun. Carol Lawrence wants the meetings structured so that company representatives and experts present information to an audience and answer questions.

Dudek said the company prefers a format where information is posted on boards placed around the room with experts prepared to answer questions one on one. That didn’t sit well with Coun. Bev Cutting.

“I suggest that you make it a proper public consultation . . . just because you want to do your way isn’t what we prefer. It’s our properties, do it the way we want it done,” Cutting said to applause. Read article

6 thoughts on “Wind farm consultations start over

  1. I hope the Council sticks to their guns about how the meeting is conducted,as the way the Company does it absolutely no one gets answers. They keep referring you to someone else and they are very evasive about any response they give. I heard the people running these meetings do not really work for the Turbine company but are especially trained and paid by a specialty company for the Turbine Companies. At both Drayton and Fergus the people tried to get the head organizers from the IWT Company to go up on stage and answer questions because people were so frustrated with the boards around the room and how we were sent from person to person, sill with no answers but they simply refused. It seemed that they new they have to be there for a couple of hours and if they could fill in time there obligation for a meeting was done.

      • Exactly. I have attend several “open houses” for 3 different projects. Same song and dance at each of them. I asked a question and the representatives did their best to avoid answering. When an answer finally came – it didn’t really answer the question. However, there was always the opportunity to write one’s concerns down on paper and give it to them before departing……

  2. Publically asking a question and everyone hearing the answer is the way to go. Hope this Council get it’s way.

  3. Seems a little fuzzy in the details .. “At least one councillor took exception to NextEra’s proposed annual donation of $80,500 to the municipality, which it calls a community vibrancy fund. The amount is based on a calculation of $3,500 for each of the 23 megawatts of electricity that the project could potentially generate. Over the 20 year life of the contract, the municipality would receive of $1.6 million.”

    Since the turbines will only generate somewhere around 25% of their ‘plate capacity’, does that mean the municipality only gets $20,000 annually? To me, that ‘community vibrancy fund’ sound more like a ‘community vibration fund’.

  4. Barry! I don’t think any IWT project worldwide has ever produced as much as 25% of ‘plate capacity’ over any extended period of time. In Germany the entire national collecting of IWT junk only managed 17% in 2011…!!! And there is now some suggestion that it is only collusion by the Danish and German governments to ‘fiddle the wind energy’ books that allows either to post the pathetic figures they do.
    As the Nextra IWTs will probably not deliver a single kWh directly to the local community anyway, if Nextra play their cards right they may even get away with paying a zero ‘vibrancy bribe – oops sorry – fund!!!!
    And to Denmark again, they are so screwed financially, like everyone else, that they are now raiding pension funds to keep their wind energy fantasy afloat!………
    Mmmmm! Wonder of the Dolt has that covered yet?

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