McGuinty chooses odd targets

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It’s a lot of fun watching Premier Dad using his newfound spine. Nobody knows if he found it lying around the office at Queen’s Park, or finally just grew it all by himself.

It’s not as if the leader of the Dalton Gang was totally without a spine in the past. He just didn’t use it unless he could see his opponents were so weak that there was little to no chance they’d stand their ground.

In the past he flexed his spine against pit bulls, cigarettes when smoked in cars with young fry present and open shelving for tobacco. But none of these objects cast a vote and the humans most affected by the government moving against them were spread throughout so many ridings, they posed little threat to the Liberal brand come election time.

McGuinty used the same calculation, but missed the target badly, when he stood tall and strong against rural Ontarians who opposed the development of wind factories in their communities. Read article

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    • Since this amount of money, $82.3 M, is in a New York State Supreme Court record this is a recorded legal document. How many seats were involved in this cancellation deal? So what was the price/cost per seat?

      • It was located in the riding of Mississauga East Cooksville on the boundary with Mississauga South. Two ridings for a total Liberal votes respectively 15,450 and 20,375 to PC 11,289 and 14,499. Approx. winning votes are 10,000 between the two ridings. 82.3 / 10,000 equal about $8,230 per winning vote. The 82.3 million was refused and the actual law suit is for 1 billion plus any additional costs to relocate the facility elsewhere so the final cost per Liberal vote could be much much higher

      • But now there are legal papers to view with dollar amount so no longer hearsay.

      • Greenfield South Power Corp. & Eastern Power Ltd.,Mississauga Gas Power Plant
        Project description:
        SUBBOR/Supper Blue Box Recycling Corp./ Subsidiary of Eastern Power Corp. > search & enter, Guelph vs Subbor, two articles from 2007-10-01 or do a BING search.
        Articles on the legal situation between City of Guelph & SUBBOR

      • Prior to this offered setlement event, there could only be speculation as to the price if any paid or ever would be paid for these votes/seats. Now there is a record with a dollar amount which no doubt is but a first offer of settlement. Final cost yet unknown. No longer sepculation so action on this matter should begin. It’s a fact now and not speculation.

    • Popcorn ready!
      Judge – not so fast boy’s!

      Law360, New York (May 04, 2012, 7:10 PM ET) — A dispute over $237 million allegedly owed to investors in a now-canceled 283-megawatt power plant in Canada is heading back to New York state court after a federal judge agreed Wednesday that foreign entities involved on both sides precluded her from hearing the case.

      U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon chided defendant Greenfield South Power Corp. for requesting that the suit be sent to federal court on the grounds that non-U.S. citizens were involved.

      The case concerns Canadian entities and two Cayman Islands-based limited partnerships that invested in the scrubbed project…

      • (Barbara’s link)
        OPA – Fast intelligence!
        Every minute counts!

        OPA – slobbers away – ‘not our fault’ – it’s those darn Ontario elections.

        ‘[excerpt]The OPA has indicated it was acting at the instruction of Ontario government officials in cancelling the plant, allegedly due to community objections given voice during a recent election cycle in the riding in which the plant was to be located.

        The power plant was to be constructed using up to $260 million in committed financing supplied by energy-oriented investment funds managed by EIG. At the time financing by these investment funds was originally extended to Greenfield South, the OPA was not only aware of the financing, but actively cooperated with its incurrence and consented to it in writing, because a source of funds to repay this financing was to come from power-purchase payments by the OPA associated with the plant, once constructed. Cancellation of the plant has deprived EIG and its investors of their contractually agreed upon repayment rights. The required repayment has not occurred, despite repeated requests by EIG over several months, addressed to both Greenfield South and the OPA.’

        Get rid of the OPA!
        Catastrophic! Bill 75 – merge OPA with IESO – UGH!
        Hey Mr. Bentley – what are you doing?

      • Take note of the parties involved in financing this project and the interest rate. Contracts can’t be cancelled on whims. Maybe these court proceedings can be kept quiet in Ontario but not in the States. So far have only seen this published in Mississauga.Com and not in other GTA MSM ?

      • The OPA – cronyism – finds Ontario – like a little toy!
        OPA – offers – 82.3 Million – taxpayer dollars
        It’s simple:
        ………………………with return postage!

        ‘[excerpt] But the hedge fund rejected the offer, according to New York Supreme Court records of a hearing held on May 11.’–ontario-power-authority-offers-u-s-hedge-fund-82-3-million-to-settle-mississauga-power-plant-dispute

        What’s the good news?
        Shareholders buy cases of bubble gum!………
        ……..enters the bloodstream fast – provides hours and hours of pleasure.

      • The shadiness of ‘cronyism’ – let’s manipulate site-specific

        ‘[excerpt] EIG has argued it is owed much more than $82.3 million because the funding it raised to finance the Mississauga plant was site-specific, and can’t be transferred to a different location.’

        During the election – to save Liberal seats – an act of desperation
        – the Liberals are on record – did not cancel the contract –
        they said they would move the location of the contracted plant.

        Ah huh!
        Again – The shadiness of ‘cronyism’ – let’s manipulate site-specific

      • further to my comment above………….
        September 24-2011
        Liberals on the run – did not cancel power plant contract

        [excerpt] Liberal candidates Charles Sousa, Donna Cansfield, Laurel Broten and Dipika Damerla gathered in the Toronto suburb on Saturday to announce that the Eastern Power Ltd. plant would not go forward at its current location on the Toronto-Mississauga border.

        Residents had vigourously opposed the plant.

        “Since the plant was proposed in 2005, our neighbourhoods have grown considerably and I know folks in the community are concerned,” said Sousa. “Ontario Liberals will make sure we have enough electricity in the right places, and ensure the rules for power-generating facilities will put Ontario families first.”

        The Liberals said in a release that they would work with the developer to find a new location for the 280-megawatt plant, but they did not say where that would be, other than it wouldn’t be built in west end Toronto or Mississauga. The Liberals also said they would work with community groups and the energy sector to develop a more rigorous way to determine where gas-fired plants would be located.

        “As our neighbourhoods change, we have to be mindful of how our energy system impacts local communities,” said Damerla. “I’m pleased that by working together with the people of Mississauga we’re moving the location of this gas plant.”

        There’s a whole lot of reasons to watch the Ontario Power Authority!
        Why? Cronyism!…………..
        and their ‘old’ points system – just became ‘hip and cool’

      • They have a problem. New York lawyers and judges can read what the MSM publishes in Ontario. Didn’t McGuinty mention this subject during the debates? Should be on video

  1. So in effect McGuinty has a spine? Wonder how much of a big mouth he would be if he didn’t have an open cheque book on the backs of Ontario tax payers?
    This guy is the worst thing to happen to Ontario since it was settled!

  2. McGuinty knows his time is up. So he’s going to stick it to whomever the governing entity that will follow him no matter what the cost. Mark my words, anyone in his inner circle will be ducking for cover real soon. Just read Hansard, the majority of difficult questions to the Premier are being deflected to three main persons who think they are future leader or Premier material. What’s really sad is that the NDP have a rookie leader that’s being taken for a joy ride over McGuinty’s financial cliff. In the next year or so, the PCs’, with a new leader, will more than likely end up with the Liberals financial baggage just like last time after Bob Raes’ NDP. Believe me Ontario’s so screwed up this time it may never recover without massive Federal aid and enormous tax increases. (HST @ 17+% )
    Just my opinion for what it’s worth

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