Tell McGuinty we don’t want wind turbines

by Andre Den Tandt, The Meaford Independent
Editor, Now that PEG and its incinerator proposal have been sent packing, hopefully for good, an older equally disturbing project is still with us. The IPC wind energy project in Sydenham is still very much alive, though temporarily on the back-burner. If it and / or others were to proceed, these projects would ruin Meaford’s prospects for prosperity as surely as any dirty incinerator would.

The issues have been discussed extensively in a presentation made to Meaford Council by Mr Jim Brunow on February 11th, 2011, as well as in letters to the editors of local media. Other than joining some 90 other municipalities in calling for a moratorium, Meaford has stayed on the sidelines of that debate. Perhaps it’s time for our council to revisit the issue. Here’s why.

Most of the arguments for the Green Energy Act are now demonstrably bogus. Simply put: wind-generated energy does not do what it was supposed to do, i.e. replace coal. That evidence, mostly from Europe and its 20 years of experience in the field, is so overwhelming that Germany, with some 26,000 wind-turbines installed, is now building the largest coal-fired electrical generating plants on earth, just so the lights won’t go out when there’s no wind. Read article

8 thoughts on “Tell McGuinty we don’t want wind turbines

  1. Meaford – Wake up! Don’t let your elected Council just ignore this very real threat of Industrial Wind Power Plants in your community come about because they did nothing until it was too late.
    Research, read and google, there is so much adverse information out there.
    You have only yourselves to blame if you just let it happen! Make those you elected take responsibility for the oaths they freely took once elected, to protect the best interests of their constituents.

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