Waterloo- a wind turbine ghost town

Today Tonight Adelaide – MUST WATCH

5 thoughts on “Waterloo- a wind turbine ghost town

  1. These Turbines are 3 KM. from the town which is now a ghost town………………..but the Wind Scammers say it’s all in their head!…….when will the developers and Political Leaders be charged criminally?

  2. These should be sent to the MPPs. Over and over again. Then they can’t say they weren’t aware of the problems.

  3. This video should be shown at EVERY wind meeting. Every one. Then let’s see what the bastards from the wind companies have to say. Yolkless eggs? I’m waiting (not anxiously, but still) for the first deformed babies to start being born. Another casualty of turbine. Of course, they’ll deny it has anything to do with turbines and infrasound.

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