NextEra’s ‘double secret’ transmission lines

Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group
So when a Final Public Meeting for a wind project is published, with a map of the turbine locations and transmission lines, you most likely think, “Well, it’s set in stone”. Or at the very least you’ll think that the wind company is giving the full story, you know… ACCURATE information, after all what’s the point in the public commenting on INACCURATE info? But what if the company doesn’t quite have all it’s info together and they are scrambling to meet deadlines? They wouldn’t LIE to you now, would they– you know, kinda ‘fudge’ the details? They wouldn’t, say, have their transmission lines go down a completely different line then what is shown on their ‘public notice’ map….would they?

Oh of course they would. Especially if the company name is NextEra. Take a look at what is developing for the NextEra Projects in Middlesex and Lambton counties (Adelaide 38 turbines, Bornish 45 turbines and Jericho 92 turbines = 175 turbines total). They are hooking all these projects together with one transmission line that NextEra has to build. Apparently easier said than done as landowners are telling them to shove their $60 000 easement offers you know where.

Judging by the NextEra easement options being requested and signed in the area, the transmission line is not going down Nairn Rd as the ‘public’ maps shows,  it’s cutting through the back lots between Nairn Rd. and Coldstream Rd. That isn’t a clear path of nothing land – they plan to cut 100ft right-of-ways through Hard (Sugar) Maple bush – and lots of it. That’s how ‘green’ these projects are. Wherever they can get their lines through, that’s where they will go, it doesn’t matter what they destroy to make this happen.


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  1. I think anyone who has been researching this and even watching all this with an open mind, know the only thing “green” about these projects is the money the company gets from we taxpayers. These companies think nothing (and are supported by government and agencies that are suppose to protect the environment) about it when they rip out trees and cut down mountains for this “green” energy. They say there is a fine line between comedy and tragedy.

  2. Note: (pay no attention to the announcer – he’s a goof ball)

    NextEra/FPL – ‘shareholders’ also protesting

    Group to protest FPL tax breaks at Juno Beach shareholder meeting

    JUNO BEACH, Fla. — A protest is planned for Friday’s ‘s meeting of FPL shareholders. The group staging the demonstration says it’s outraged FPL’s parent company paid no federal taxes yet still wants a rate increase.

    FPL’s hybrid solar-natural gas plant in Indiantown. An example of the investments allowing FPL’s parent company NextEra Energy to pay absolutely no federal income taxes. A fact not denied by FPL spokesman Neil Nissan.

    Neil Nissan: Because we’ve been investing billions of dollars in the energy infrastructure of the country basically– creating jobs– we qualify for some tax deferrals, similar to all businesses.

    Steve Ellman/Protester: The imbalances in our society are just too large to be maintained any longer.

    Steve Ellman of Lake Worth is one of the people planning to protest Friday’s meeting of NextEra Energy shareholders taking place at the company’s Juno Beach headquarters.

    Steve Ellman: I’m paying more in federal income taxes than FPL is going to pay.

    Neil Nissan: I think their claims are a little disingenuous, because we pay a large amount of taxes every year.

    Florida’s largest taxpayer claims Nissan, local property taxes and state taxes that is. FPL says the federal tax breaks allow them to invest more which ultimately results in lower bills for customers. The protesters also take issue with the tens of millions raked in by NextEra’s top executives.

    Neil Nissan: NextEra has a strong pay for performance philosophy, and our company has provided a lot of shareholder value.

    Steve Ellman: This is not about soaking the rich. It’s just about making sure the rest of us aren’t getting soaked.

    Ellman claims he’s also an FPL shareholder. But he says he’d rather protest than attend the meeting Friday morning.

    Thursday, May 24 2012, 08:38 PM EDT

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