Adelaide Metcalfe ruling allows for uneasy peace

WIND TURBINE OPPOSITION: Council gives its OK for videotaping, signs and talking, all activities it flirted with banning, at its meetings
By JONATHAN SHER, The London Free Press

In a rural landscape soon to be home to an industrial wind farm, an uneasy truce has been reached between the township mayor and activists fighting the arrival of turbines. Gone for now are police who were called in twice to May meetings by Adelaide Metcalfe Mayor David Bolton to stop a wind opponent from videotaping the proceedings.

Missing at its most recent meeting in June were vociferous critics confronting Bolton with shouts and signs calling for his resignation as they did in May. Instead, council decided to allow videotaping, signs and talking, all activities it had flirted with banning.

But while the flashpoints have passed for now, it’s clear neither side trusts the other. Council members mused about resigning, but Bolton said none considered that a serious option.  Read article

12 thoughts on “Adelaide Metcalfe ruling allows for uneasy peace

  1. Renters are indirect rate/tax payers through their rent and many pay their own Hydro bills. So renters do have a financial interest in IWTs. They also have health and safety concerns due to IWTs.

    • If the renters move away due to the presence of IWTs these landlords will be stuck with houses they can’t sell or rent. Renters also vote and support local businesses.
      How did people as ignorant as these ever get elected to begin with?

  2. I see his Highness King Bolton, got some religion from the local folks in the kingdom. He’s found out that intimidation no longer works against good honest people. Just because he’s now playing nice, really doesn’t mean anything. There’s still that outstanding matter of the conflict of interest on this council that’s not been fully cleared up. They should still do the right thing and resign. No amount of time will fix the peoples trust in the council as he claims in the article. He also needs a lesson about renters, they’re not second class citizens, they are voters, and also have the right to voice their opinion the same as anyone else in the community.

    • This council is unable to connect the dots. They don’t understand that if you do A then B,C,D,etc. can happen.

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  4. Other than venting on a website, WHAT are you, ral, DOING to assure that the will of the people through the DEMOCRATIC process is ensured?

    Democracy, the will of the people, SICKENS and DIES through NEGLECT.

    “The price of freedom is ETERNAL VIGILANCE”.

  5. Mayor Bolton – community communicator
    ‘[excerpt] “I’m not going to give them (activists) the satisfaction,” he said.
    What’s the message?
    A joke?
    When you treat people right – word get’s around.

  6. Wow ral on, i thought my views were long. My fingers hurt good work!

    I do not consider myself an activist as bolton stated, but a concerned member of community thats getting railroaded.
    He was appointed not elected, and over paid clerk got bumped up after someone died. So not exactly our chosen ones!

    Renter comments from him only mask all other issues, shadow to hide in.

    Lets clear this topic of renters up in case david bolton knows how to read. People own a farm some big! Peoples kids grow up and leave, people get old, die, or move to town cuz they cant run large farm. Children with own homes, generally dont need another house so continue to cash crop the property, so they rent out the farm house ( many are older homes)
    They hsve that option to bulldoze the home or make some extra income, many choose to rent, many renters are also children in the neighborhood looking to branch out, but still help out thier own family farms. And its a way to stay closd to family and work. How many kids nowsays can afford a 400 acre farm.

    Its a win win situation for all in the community and one day i hope my son has the very same option. Renting a huge farmhouse with lots of space beats a teeny apartment in town anyday, for those that grew up with that. Not to mention the cost is really the same rent and u get sooo much more.

    So for mayor bolton to disregard “renters” in such a low life way just goes to show you of how little he knows about the people in his community.

    Many of them actually being long time,large land tax payers of his own community!

    What an ass. Im sure if it wasnt for his own father having land and handing some to him, he’d never have been able to afford what he has!

    God help us make it to the next election, these good ol boys and gals need to be set out to pasture! Thats a kind way of putting it!

      • Hey Givegreenarest,
        David Bolton was acclaimed – meaning – nobody else ran for mayor –
        too bad. Maybe, next time.

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