Wind turbine mitigation fund axed

By Sarah Boychuk, Kincardine News
The Municipality of Kincardine voted against the formation of an ad hoc committee to consider creating a mitigation reserve fund to address adverse impacts from wind turbines. The controversial proposal was defeated at the June 6 meeting of council.

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert said the proposal was left intentionally vague so that councillors might decide on a course of action together. That wasn’t enough for councillor Ken Craig, who said he disagreed with the idea.

“I do not believe the municipality is responsible for the economic impact of any development on the municipality,” he said. “I will not be supporting this because I think it is in the wrong spirit.” Councillor Ron Coristine countered that “the wind industry is lacking in spirit,” and said he worried people have been misinformed about the effects of the energy source. “The fact that it’s wind, we have this funny notion the turbines are green, and that’s wrong.” Read article

1 thought on “Wind turbine mitigation fund axed

  1. Ken Craig is wrong. The municipality does have some responsibility for the economic impact of business developments in the township. However, that doesn’t mean the township should have a reserve fund to cover negative impacts of such developments either. The money to do so is still coming from the local taxpayer. A bit like robbing Paul to pay Paul.(Peter lives in another township) People have long memories when they are hurt. Local councils should heed this and recognize that the extent of this hurt will be widespread once the turbines are built. Defensive manoeuvres are not helpful at this stage of the battle. Council needs to be offensive by asserting whatever authority is available to them, and by continuously badgering of the Provicial Fibs and seeking help from the Feds. Surely there is more than one Charter issue here that is being violated? Shame on those council members that will not put up a fight. Also to prove that you do have some common decency, refuse to put solar panels on public buildings. They are another example of legalized theft, with a large negative economic impact. Fred Winterburn

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