Dalton McGuinty threatens an election after budget bill ‘gutted’

Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Horwath countered that she “made it clear that I would not rubberstamp the government’s 300-page omnibus bill,” while stressing she is not trying to force a $150-million vote nine months after the last one. “The premier is threatening an election. I am disappointed. I expect the premier to keep his word. People don’t want an election at this time. I don’t want an election at this time.”

While the New Democrats had long maintained they would try to amend the budget bill, the Conservatives surprised many by supporting the left-leaning party’s initiatives. “We’re against the budget, plain and simple,” said Tory MPP Vic Fedeli (Nipissing), adding the Liberals suffered a rude awakening at the finance committee. “It has finally come to their acknowledgement that they don’t have a majority. They generally operate as if they have a majority but today it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that five beats four,” said Fedeli. Read article

9 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty threatens an election after budget bill ‘gutted’

  1. Horwath is wrong about people not wanting an election.. The people DO want and NEED another election, to get rid of that bozo that’s plunging this province so deep into a sinkhole it will take generations to get out of it !! It’s about time she grew a set of ba–s, and done the right thing ..I also say,, bring it on !!!!

  2. Andrea – “People don’t want an election at this time”? Don’t be so sure. That’s not what I’m hearing and it’s not all anti-turbine people or those from the horse racing world that are ready for one. Everyone is getting fed up with Dalton’s shenanigans.

  3. It’s going to cost Ontario far more than the $150 million for another election if he is allowed to continue with his Bullying tactics. He was elected to serve the electorate not trample on them .
    Andrea and Tim —- stand Firm ,bring the election on .
    I’m sending this message to opposition .

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