ANOTHER bird destruction permit?! Northland Power on Manitoulin Is.

Comment by July 16, 2012
Northland Power Incorporated, Permit for activities with conditions to achieve overall benefit to the species – ESA s.17(2)(c)
The proposal to construct and operate a wind farm has the potential to adversely affect Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark and their habitat. The proposed permit conditions would provide benefits that exceed the adverse effects on Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.
Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark are listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) List, in Ontario Regulation 230/08 of the ESA, as threatened.

Subsection 9(1) of the ESA provides for the protection of endangered, threatened (and extirpated) species on the SARO List.

Habitat protection under the ESA applies to Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark (subsection 10(1)).

The ESA allows some activities to proceed under a clause 17(2)(c) permit with specific conditions if: avoidance and reasonable alternatives have been considered; adverse effects will be minimized; and an overall benefit will be achieved for the species in Ontario. Providing an overall benefit to a protected species under the ESA involves undertaking actions to improve circumstances for the species in Ontario. Overall benefit is more than “no net loss” or an exchange of “like for like”. Overall benefit is grounded in the protection and recovery of the species at risk and must include more than mitigation measures or “replacing” what is lost.

9 thoughts on “ANOTHER bird destruction permit?! Northland Power on Manitoulin Is.

  1. “The proposed permit conditions would provide benefits that exceed the adverse effects on Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.”

    “…would provide benefits…” – to the wind companies, that is. There certainly aren’t any benefits to the hapless consumer, nor to the environment!

  2. Hey folks, it’s only a small bird. Chances are nobody in Toronto will miss it anyway once it’s gone. What would you rather have, a small bird or a gigantic useless wind turbine.
    I digress, it’s not about the environment at all, it’s just about the getting at YOUR MONEY and any obstruction, would be just considered collateral damage.

  3. Does making a comment help at all? If the last one I made was one of the 1/2 that weren’t “on topic”, or not knowledgeable enough to be counted or whatever reason the MOE thinks of to neglect recognizing.?

  4. I agree Sick turbines.
    Very knowledgeable and credible people have submitted comments or have passed on their expertise to government. They don’t care. Turbines are going to be built no matter what. This is just another step they can check off on their list.

    Obtain leases. Check
    Get municipal council on side. Check
    Hold “open house” where we educate, but not really. Check
    Obtain permit to harass, harm, kill while pretending to take people’s concerns into account. Check

    What a farce. Check

    • Anytime there are insider connections involved in the companies and any government officials, employees, or agencies these contracts should be scrutinized. Sometimes just the connections alone are enough to be considered corruption because very large amounts of money are at stake.

  5. Salesmanship!
    Northland Power’s ‘good behavior permit’ –
    ‘I’ve been good to you’
    Nervous shareholders feel better – when protected from potential lawsuits.

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