APPROVED: Samsung Grand Renewable 148.6MW Project

Wind Approval – Environmental Registry
Solar Approval – Environmental Registry

A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to Grand Renewable Energy Wind LP to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of a wind facility, with a total name plate capacity of 148.6 megawatts (MW). The wind facility will be connected to Hydro One’s distribution system. This Class 4 wind facility, known as the Grand Renewable Energy Park, is located in Haldimand County.

This project will have 67 wind turbines and a massive 100MW solar development. In case you missed the memo Dalton, Haldimand county said NO!

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  1. Absolutely un–F—-ng believable !!!! Some of the best land in Ontario.. Up in smoke……

  2. 800 ACRES!!!!! 800 Acres of corn would take 6,400MT of C02 out of the atmosphere…PER YEAR!!!Think about it! IN 20 years, this project will have added 128,000MT of C02 to the atmosphere! Or, put 25,600 more cars on the road. 800 ACRES of food, that we must now truck into Ontario. Net benefit?????? MY ASS!!!!!! I’m wound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Haldimand said no! Yes the people who will be affected did say no, but, the people who just want money said yes. Our “honorable” mayor, our council, six nations elected band council and opportunistic farmers. They must all be jumping for joy right now.

    • Maybe not jumping for joy for very much longer.
      The Telegraph, June 16,2012
      “Subsidies for onshore wind farms to be axed by 2020”
      “Extremely high subsidies have harmed the reputation and integrity of the renewables sector,which has been corrupted by easy money and undeserved fortunes”
      It appears now that Ontario has the same situation with corruption and undeserved fortunes made with renewable energy projects.

      • Hey Barbara,
        McGuinty Liberals – an embarrassment
        Ontario a member of The Climate Group –
        will have their representatives there too.
        ‘[excerpt] The timing is also embarrassing for Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, who flies to Brazil on Tuesday for the United Nations Rio +20 Earth Summit, where 26,000 delegates, including heads of government will try to plot the way forward on sustainable development.’

        A complete Liberal sham!

      • Hey Barbara,
        Folks need to wake up!
        You can’t let this go.

        again –
        ‘[excerpt] The timing is also embarrassing for Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, who flies to Brazil on Tuesday for the United Nations Rio +20 Earth Summit, where 26,000 delegates, including heads of government will try to plot the way forward on sustainable development.’

        Let’s take a look!
        Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
        Creating Sustainable Communities: Creating the Gateway
        Implementation Plan

        Hello Ontario – Wake up!
        What’s your mayor, and CAO – up to – today?

      • Barbara,
        Miller embraced the Climate Group – he’s out now
        Mayor Ford – a conservative – is being bashed by the ‘green cabal’
        – a rough ride for Ford – but, he should be supported.

      • How many people have $2,000 – $2,500 for an energy audit,report and most leaks sealed? Suzuki dosen’t know that most Ontarians don’t have that kind of money to spend on things like this.

      • Lean forward………………
        Suzuki’s top 10 list – Ugh!
        File under: ‘Drunk’
        About EnWise Holdings Inc.

        EnWise was founded in 2006 by Peter Hwang, Jay Wilgar, David Carmichael
        and Roy Khan with a commitment to building a culture of energy
        conservation by providing straightforward ways for homeowners to protect
        the environment, lower home energy bills and save money. EnWise currently
        serves the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario residential housing
        markets and has plans to support all of Ontario and other major
        metropolitan areas of Canada. EnWise operates through its three
        wholly-owned subsidiaries – EnWise Power Solutions Inc., EnWise Capital
        Corporation and EnWise Building Science Inc.

        EnWise services its customers by providing an affordable one-stop-shop
        for solutions that improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their
        home using the following four step process:

        – Evaluation. EnWise Building Science is a licensed service organization
        for the Natural Resources Canada ecoENERGY Retrofit -Homes Program and
        will conduct a licensed ecoENERGY evaluation and educate the home owner
        on how to reduce their energy footprint. Based on the evaluation
        recommendations, we prepare a customized ecoENERGY report and recommend
        the most energy efficient suite of products and services that make sense
        for the homeowner.

        What’s is your wallet? $2000 – $2500?

        Need update – under the ‘hot June sun’

      • By the way the good citizens of Toronto get to pay twice for membership in The Climate Group. How much does Ontario pay for membership in this organization?

      • Wind Power Monthly, Oct.,2006
        REG Ltd. aquired ( Aug.2006) AIM PowerGen for C$29.1M. REG to retain AIM in its entirety. AIM later sold to IP by REG.
        Mike Crawley, CEO but the owners were Jay Wilgar & Roy Kahn at that time?

      • Clean Power Income Fund got 100% aquisition of the Erie Shores project from AIM PowerGen June 29,2005 with the close of the financing.

      • How the ‘sustainable development’ cabal works within a municipality:
        Identify a useful idiot, give him a title – Manager???? –
        and set him loose – all trained up – with perfect ‘talking points’
        Perfection @ Chatham-Kent – Ugh!

        ‘[excerpt] Stuart McFadden, the municipality’s manager of business development, said nobody outside of Chatham-Kent should be making decisions about the community.

        He said there will always be strong opinions concerning wind energy and believes it’s important for residents to have their say.

        However, McFadden also defended the companies the municipality has dealt with.

        “The companies have worked very hard to work with us … to the extent that probably through the Green Energy Act they didn’t have to,” he said. “We’ve got a good relationship with them.”

      • There are a lot of people outside of Chatham-Kent who are making decisions for them.

      • Chatham-Kent taxpayers should know!
        You’ve been engaged…………..
        Stu focused!
        ‘[excerpt] He said the Task Force focused on engaging the community.

        ‘[excerpt] By Aaron Hall – Daily Post Editor

        One of the individuals who has led the charge for the Wallaceburg Community Task Force the past three years, will hope to spread that success across Chatham-Kent.

        Wallaceburg resident Stuart McFadden, project manager for the Task Force, recently accepted the position of Manager of Business Development with the economic development department with the Municipality.

        McFadden told the Daily Post that his new gig is set to start April 12.

        “I’m extremely excited to get running,” McFadden said.

        The Task Force, which concludes March 31, has had a hand in bringing new companies and industry to Wallaceburg: Farmers of North America in July last year, Advanced Emissions Technologies in December last year and Precismeca in January this year .

        “I’ve been involved in business my whole life, McFadden said. ” It started at the Red and White in Dresden when I was nine.”

        McFadden added that is has been nice to see that the work done by the Wallaceburg group has been recognized across the Municipality.

        He said the Task Force focused on engaging the community.

        “That’s what we want to accomplish across the Municipality,” McFadden said. “We need to listen to what the community has to say.”

        A report on the new restructuring of the Chatham-Kent economic development department is set to come before Council tonight (March 22).

      • Just in case you missed it!
        In a surprise move – shocking Mayor Hope a Dope
        Chatham-Kent CAO Rob Browning (52) retires ( Sept. 2-2011) to follow his partner;
        Kathy Weiss steps down as Economic Development Director @ Chatham-Kent

        What role can we play?
        The challenge – babysitting Stu

        ‘[excerpt] The province is a “hot commodity” for the alternative energy sector, and the director of economic development says Chatham-Kent has been put on the map for potential opportunities and investment.

        Kathy Weiss outlines in a report, which will be in front of Chatham-Kent Council at Monday’s (June 28) meeting, details of a recent trip to the Intersolar Europe conference in Munich, Germany.

        “Ontario is currently a hot commodity for the Alternative Energy Sector,” Weiss said in her report. “The most compelling attraction is the Feed-in tariff, or FIT Program, modeled after successful programs in Germany and France. It features North America’s first comprehensive, guaranteed pricing structure for renewable electricity production, offering stable prices under long-term contracts for solar, wind, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, and waterpower energy.”

        Weiss, along with manager of business development Stuart McFadden, attended a total of 57 appointments with green energy companies – 18 that were looking at investing in Ontario within a year and 28 looking at investing in Ontario within one to two years.

        “Although the presentations to each potential investor was a high level pitch of the region (Ontario Tech Corridor), staff were able to portray Chatham-Kent’s strengths in each meeting including Samsung’s choice of Chatham-Kent for its planned mega project,” Weiss said in her report. “Sharing this information with the companies at Intersolar Europe demonstrated that not only is Chatham-Kent open for business in attracting jobs for this sector, we also walk the talk. This worked in Chatham-Kent’s favour by creating an awareness of our community and our commitment to the green energy movement. Samsung’s investment also demonstrated that Chatham-Kent is a great place to invest.”

        Weiss said in her report that the Chatham-Kent economic development department will be creating a working plan for follow-up with all the companies, after the companies submit information online on a website designed for this purpose.

        Last month, Chatham-Kent became a partner with the Ontario Tech Corridor (OTC), which is a consortium of municipalities in Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa Region, City of Hamilton, Waterloo Region, City of London, Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Niagara Region.

        The OTC represents an alternative energy cluster situated in the heart of Ontario’s most urban, highly educated and dynamic region.

        This includes a population of over nine million and a workforce of over five million.

        Weiss said in the report that the cost of the trip was $7,000 towards the OTC contribution, and $12,000 for travel expenses – all cost is covered under the economic development budget.’

        The CKDP will be following this story at Monday’s Council meeting.

      • Note: Dates are important!
        As I understand both have since left the area – to Durham.

      • Sustainable Development – builds on a series of steps
        Your contact: Stu

        ‘[excerpt] “South Kent Wind is one of four separate wind energy power purchase agreements between Pattern, Samsung and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) that will ultimately provide 870 megawatts of clean energy to OPA, enough to power more than 300,000 homes every year,” said Stuart McFadden, Manager, Business Development, Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

        Ontario is a North American leader in the adoption of green energy policies with its passing of the Green Energy Act in May 2009. Targeted programs available to the alternative energy and clean technology sector include: Ontario Power Authority Feed-in Tariff Program, the $590 million SDTC SD Tech Fund, the $500 million SDTC NextGen Biofuels Fund, the Ontario Emerging Technology Fund, the Ontario Innovation Demonstration Fund and the Ontario Power Authority Conservation Fund.

        About the Ontario Clean Technology Alliance

        The Ontario Clean Technology Alliance offers a highly educated workforce, excellent growth opportunities, a low-risk business environment, and generous R&D tax credits that are the envy of other countries. The Alliance includes Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa Region, City of Hamilton, Waterloo Region, Niagara Region, Windsor-Essex, City of London, Sarnia-Lambton, City of Guelph, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Southwestern Ontario Marketing Alliance. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada as well as the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation are also Alliance partners. For more information, go to .’

        Ontario Clean Technology Alliance contacts:

        Stuart McFadden
        Manager, Business Development
        Municipality of Chatham-Kent
        Phone: 519-351-7700
        Email: Email Contact

      • The brawl and merge tactic – and ice cream for dessert
        OPA to merge with the IESO

        What is he pissed off about?
        ‘[excerpt] “Things need to move faster,” Jason Chee-Aloy said in an interview Thursday.
        The proposal found little favor with Chee-Aloy’s clients: Samsung, Pattern Energy Group, NextEra Energy Canada and IPR-GDF Suez North America.’–renewable-power-targets-at-risk-samsung-consultant-warns

        ‘[excerpt] In other markets the drop of 50% in the price per kWh would reflect itself in lower electricity prices, but not in Ontario. All power contracts signed by the OPA under the Green Energy Feed-in-tariff program, MicroFIT and NUG (non utility generators) programs receive guaranteed prices well above the wholesale market prices. In the market, the wholesale price has fallen over the past three years as Ontario keeps adding more renewable energy to the grid while consumption is falling. So we have a surplus of electricity. The take or pay long term OPA contracted power accumulates in the Global Adjustment pot. That pot for the 2009 Quarter was $500.6 million and for the 2012 Quarter was $1,728.8 million, a gain of $1,228.2 million or 245%. Guess who pays for this in their adjusted electricity costs? Ratepayers.

      • Best comment ever @ bottom of article – from an intelligent citizen
        yeah – me too – ‘I am confused’
        Call Stu – he knows everything!

        ‘[excerpt] Chatham-Kent’s economic development department hopped across the border this week, to attend a conference held by the American Wind Energy Association – Windpower 2012.
        C-K, along with other communities a part of the Ontario Clean Technology Alliance, took part in the event held in Atlanta, Georgia.

        Stuart McFadden, manager of business development for Chatham-Kent’s economic development department says he met with dozens of wind companies throughout the week, as about 900 exhibitors and over 14,000 people came through the conference.

        McFadden says he’s encouraged with the results as well.

        “We had meetings set up with about 30 companies that were here,” McFadden said. “When I was on the trade show floor I was able to meet 30-35 more that we had recognized might be interested in Chatham-Kent based on the wind turbine activity we have going on at home.”

        McFadden said he was focused on targeting repair, maintenance and serving companies for the wind turbines.

        “There are companies that just deal with that specifically,” McFadden said. “That’s what I’m trying to hunt out and explain to them, this is how many wind turbines we have in Chatham-Kent. If you’re going to be in Ontario doing the work… why not be in the middle of it all. It’s been received very favourably.”

        McFadden says: “It’s one thing to build them, but sometimes I think we forget… you have to inspect them, you have to service them, you have to change the oil, you have to go up and check the blades. There could be a lightning strike… there’s repairs and maintenance that is required afterwards and that is what I’m focused on.”

        McFadden added the provinces Green Energy Act states they want 10,700 mega watts of green energy across Ontario by 2018 – 7,500 of that is wind, 2,000 is already in place withwind, 3,600 is already contracted out but is not constructed, and 1,500 mega watts is still up in the air.
        Will this trip lead to investment and jobs for Chatham-Kent?

      • All politics – are local politics!

        When local government – screws up –
        where does that leave ‘the citizen’ – taxpayer?

        Sustainable Development – is a non binding – race to the bottom – vision.
        Now you see it – now you don’t.

      • Why Ontario citizens should follow this group:
        Ontario – a member
        The Climate Group –
        brought us ‘their’ – The Green Energy Act (Bill 150)

        The Climate Group is an independent, not-for-profit organization, which brings together a global coalition of the world’s most powerful governments, brands and public figures across Asia, Europe and North America.

        Since 2004, we’ve been working with governments, business leaders and the world’s most influential individuals – to push for the policies, technologies and investment we need to make the Clean Revolution commercially viable.

        The Climate Group’s corporate membership includes: Arup, Barclays, Better Place, Bloomberg, BSkyB, BT, CB Richard Ellis, China Mobile, The Coca Cola Company, Climate Change Capital, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light Group, Google, HDR, HSBC, MWH, Munich Re, Nestle Waters, News Corporation, Nike, Pratt Industries, Suntech, Swire, Swiss Re, Tesco and Timberland. State and city government members include California, London, New South Wales, New York, Ontario, Quebec, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

        By bringing leaders together, we give them the forum to act and the confidence to inspire others. You can see real case studies of the transformational leadership that is already underway at

        Together, we have the power to create a smarter, better, more prosperous future for all.

      • The Green Energy Act gutted most of the local politics and put this situation into the hands of the developers and their cronies who now make the decisions.

      • It’s like lining up – to pop – a vitamin D tab –
        no fishy smell –
        and, no fishy after taste.

        Not diagnosed yet – ‘the risk’

      • A new practice – corruption – A new exceptionalism
        Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development – clearly spells out –
        there will be ‘winners and losers’ – and, it’s okay!

        I cannot believe how destructive this line of thinking is.

        John Norton, Director of Legal Services for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent –
        is a thinker!
        ‘[excerpt] Exclusive notice will be given to certain people and companies…..’

        Chatham-Kent is changing the way it deals with the sale of municipally owned land.

        The new procedure will be quicker and will allow for some flexibility on pricing of various parcels of land.

        John Norton, Director of Legal Services for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, thinks the new way will bring growth to the area. “We want to see jobs, we want to see the economy grow, we want to see the community develop, “says Norton. “Sometimes we want to sell land, maybe to an employer that can come into the community and bring jobs to us.”

        Exclusive notice will be given to certain people and companies closest to the land going up for sale. If no interested party comes forward, the land becomes available to the general public.

        Story by Trevor Thompson, Blackburn News.

      • One big problem that Ontario faces is that there are those in charge,elected and non-elected,who do not know the difference between right and wrong.

    • This situation may turn out to be more than just an embarrassment for some here in Ontario.

    • No wonder these business dealings were termed Non-Arms-Length dealings? Nice paragraph on Jay Wilgar a founder of Aim PowerGen.

    • Wind Energy News, March 30,2005
      “99MW Wind Farm Planned for Lake Erie shores”
      Erie Shores Wind Farm Limited Partnership/ESWF was a joint venture between Clean Power Income Fund of North america and AIM PowerGen Corp. At that time Clean Power Income Fund provided stable long-term cash flow to investors. AIM PowerGen later sold its interest in ESWF to Clean Power Income Fund.
      AIM SOP Phase 1 LP C$75M was financed by Fortis Capital
      Source, Torys

  4. I feel sick to my stomach. I travel a lot for work and have seen these damn things popping up all over the place….. We received a notice that Nexterra was due to start construction any day, now Samsung…… These greedy bastards (farmers, local politicians & wind companies) have no conscience or regard for what is about to happen to one of the nicest places in Ontario.
    Can’t wait for the next municipal election!!
    Haldimand County a fine “gracious host” to wind turbines and wind company bribes but couldn’t give a sh!t about the 99% who LIVE HERE!
    Absolutely beside myself now….

  5. Not so fast… See: HIGH-RISK? Financing Canada’s largest solar power project on Mohawk (Grand River) lands under claim without free, prior & informed consent of principle Chief – Mohawk Wolf Clan – in face of stated objections to all relevant parties – which remain ignored

    Dear Barry Critchley (and to Whom Else It May Concern):

    I work in support of Ohrerekó:wa, the principle Chief of the Mohawk Wolf Clan of Tkanatáhere (Grand River). I am surprised to learn about the magnitude of what appears to me to be “high risk” financing in respect of the Samsung venture you reported upon on October 22nd.

    My best guess is that not all relevant parties have been fully informed – and in fact may have been misled. It appears clear to me that at the very least, the public is only being told part of the truth, and accordingly, I would like to provide you with some additional background, context and facts in order that a clearer picture of this fiasco may be reported upon, and appropriately dealt with – bearing all facts in mind. I note that investors and stakeholders who may well be unaware of the totality of relevant circumstances ought to somehow enlightened.

    It also appears to me that neither Samsung entities and affiliates, the county of Haldimand, province of Ontario, nor indeed the federal government is saying much about the fact that without the free, prior and informed consent – of ALL relevant parties (such as Ohrerekó:wa who represents the Mohawk Wolf Clan), this venture, which is proposed to take place upon claimed Mohawk lands (See: ​Haldimand’s proclamation of 1784), may well be deemed to be unlawful given that the actions of the parties involved appear inconsistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I can advise that Ohrerekó:wa remains committed and poised to seeing that his objections are addressed and that his people’s land be protected from further unauthorized plunder and exploitation. I can further advise that Ohrerekó:wa January 2013 appeal to the Queen (which was acknowledged by Buckingham palace on February 13th, 2013), remains outstanding, and is in the process of being address by the Governor General of Canada, the Premier of Ontario, and relevant Ministers of indigenous affairs at both the federal and provincial levels. (NOTE: Ohrerekó:wa has been acknowledged by the Crown as the principle chief of the Mohawk Wolf Clan since his appointment in 1972, as evidenced by the attached Confirmation Notice dated November 27, 1972, and as recently as May 13, 2013 in written correspondence issued by the Imperial Crown).

    It is our position that the “Six Nations’ Elected Band Council” (including the chief councilor, Bill Montour, who with a mere 332 of nearly 21,000 eligible votes, was just ousted in Saturday’s election) can not in any way be seen to represent the people who have a bona fide claim to the lands in question by birthright.

    In fact, only 5% of the eligible ‘voters’ even took part in last week’s sham elections of Indian Act band councilors, presumably because voting in Canada’s band council system is illegal under the Rotinonshonni ónhwe’s (Mohawk) constitution of the League of Great Peace. I contend that 95% of the eligible voting population is not represented by those who appear to have agreed to – and also appear to expect to profit from – this venture, namely the de facto elected band council which was imposed by force by the government of Canada in 1924 and clearly remains boycotted as a sham to this day.

    The law of these lands states that those who submit to foreign laws / jurisdiction such as the “Indian Act” forfeit all birthrights and claims under the Great Law.

    According to the Rotinonshonni ónhwe, ”If, at any time, anyone of the chiefs of the League choose to submit to the law of a foreign people, he is no longer in but out of the League and persons of this class shall be called, “They have alienated themselves” (Tehonatonkoton). Likewise, such persons who submit to laws of foreign nations shall forfeit all birthrights and claims of the League of Five Nations and territory.” [Kayaneren`tshera ko:wa, Wampum of the 58th part].

    Both Samsung, and the elected band council, as well as the Mayor of Haldimand County, Ken Hewitt, have each been repeatedly warned by the Mohawks about pursuing this venture without complying with the law (see attached June 26 2013 Letter to Korean Embassy RE Samsung-Six Nations), in the face of Ohrerekó:wa objections. These issues have been raised by Ohrerekó:wa’s office to his ally, Queen Elizabeth II, the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, James Anaya (see attached documentation), as well as opposition members of parliament and foreign diplomats alike. I find it both startling, and hard to believe, that notwithstanding these well-founded and publicly-stated objections – and moreover, in lieu of free, prior and informed consent of the affected peoples – that any party would consider financing such an evidently risky and oppressive venture, given the myriad of substantial liability issues which can arise and ensue.
    I have attached some background reference materials for your information, and am happy to forward further details upon request – or to facilitate interviews as requested.


    Jason Bowman (Special Assistant to the Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River and Office of Ohrerekó:wa, Principle Chief – Mohawk Wolf Clan)

    Copies to: Mayor of Haldimand County Ken Hewitt, Ambassador to Canada for the Republic of Korea Cho Hee-yong, Six Nations Chief Elected Councilor William K. Montour, Samsung Electronics Co. CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Samsung CSLT CEO Sin Kim, CC&L President & CEO Matt O’Brien, Counsel for RBC Emily Jelich, Manager of government and public relations for Samsung Renewable Energy Timothy Smitheman, Media Relations for Pattern Energy Matt Dallas, Minister of Energy for Ontario Bob Chiarelli, MPP, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs for Ontario David Zimmer, MPP, Investor Relations – Pattern Energy Group Inc. Ross Marshall, Complaints – Ontario Securities Exchange

    CC: Jim Windle (Two Row Times), Josh Blakeney (PressTV), David Langer (Two Row Times), Dr. James Anaya (Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), Geoffrey West (CVN), Terrance Nelson (Vice-chair – American Indian Movement), Jean Crowder, MP (Official Opposition Critic for Aboriginal Affairs), Dr. Anthony Hall (Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge and author of Earth into Property), Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Aboriginal Affairs Critic & Chair of Women’s Caucus – Liberal Party of Canada), Kirk Falconer (Thomson Reuters)

  6. Pingback: HIGH-RISK? Financing Canada’s largest solar power project on Mohawk (Grand River) lands under claim without free, prior & informed consent of principle Chief – Mohawk Wolf Clan – in face of stated objections to all relevant parties ̵

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