Manitoulin Wind Turbine Protest

About 35 attendees and many others coming and going. Over 140 honks of support and cheering from vehicles passing by. Representatives were from across Manitoulin including M’Chigeeng and Wikwemikong and as far away as Marmora, Montreal River Harbour and Peterborough.

A verbal exchange ensued between Chief Joe Hare and a community member over the lack of consultation for this project. David Suzuki flew in on a float plane. Minister Bentley arrived by helicopter. Jutta Splettstoesser and Kristopher Stephens were in attendance also.
Raymond Beaudry,  MCSEA

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13 thoughts on “Manitoulin Wind Turbine Protest

  1. Dalton and David, wining and dining in the Muskokas.
    It doesn’t mean he’s given up on you; stand your ground Andrea.

  2. Brother David and Father Dalton, and Uncle Bentley and the WIND religion are off to the countryside and spreading the GREED word. Come one come all and listen to us minister to the GREEN Gods of your Fathers. Yea right, just checking to see if you’re still paying the tithes to the Liberal WIND Gods…………………

    • Notice that David & Chris didn’t motor in through the rural Ontario countryside. Won’t see any IWTs closeup the way they traveled.

  3. So disappointed in M’Chigeeng. I don’t want to visit and see those turbines on the ridge. That one picture shows it all.

  4. How much wasted taxpayers money was spent on their little pleasure trip to manitoulin?? for what purpose?? They knew enough to fly in, because motoring there would have been a very risky thing.. Sooner , rather than later, these bungling boobs are going to pay the price for screwing over this province…

  5. Although our local battle in Marmora is in primarily self-defensive reaction to a Northland Power NON-renewable “pumped storage” project proposal allegedly intended for supplying required “backup” energy storage for renewables and its potential for catastrophic flooding of our homes, it was a pleasure to meet and participate with such principled and like-minded people, especially since our local opposition enjoys NO publicly-visible group or any political representation at any level.

    Our comprehensive battle is inseparable on-principle and shares the same “Greed Energy” factor and “effects”. I will post our own photos, linked from my own pages asap since I cannot post them here… this was the first time any of us in attendance had visited Manitoulin Island, so that was an additional pleasure and photo-op in itself.

    May this not be the only time objectors to “backup” join with their embattled counterparts objecting to “renewable” Greed Energy projects proposed in Ontario. No good reason for either, never mind both, to my mind – how about you? Invitations, introductions and enquiries most welcome.

    My sincerest thanks to Ray Beaudry for the notification and kind invitation and to the First Nations participants who made us feel so welcome and “at home” – also to blogger Tom Adams ( see his compassionate sharing of our sordid story here: ) – for his helping to bring together the principled people of these wonderful new communities Northland Power is helping create and consolidate.

      • Thanks for that link, Barbara!
        That trash review reminds me of the official “FAQ” wherein Northland Power seemingly responds to questions posed to itself, which somehow qualified itself as a redundant “letter to the editor” in multiple local rags. Even trashier was the Dec 2011 update “newsletter” posted to the municipality’s promo page that had been a full-page, full-colour ad to apparently prevent any local holiday reprieve from annoying propagandizing, in a local rag just before Christmas.

        I’d love to know where the person(s) behind that “Power ResearchViews” site got this from:
        “Power generated from the project by the down flow will be used to pump the water back up to the reservoir to be recycled through the system.”

        That little gem of disinformation may seem just a hoot, but the sad thing is – media local to Marmora somehow picked up on and unfortunately published statements broadcasting the same nonsensical notion – ie: that Northland Power would be somehow producing perpetual energy via this proposed pumped storage scheme that is actually a net consumer of electricity and requires grid-supplied power to pump uphill each time, rofl.

        That meant this nuttiness got widely spread by area supporters whose brains apparently didn’t get into gear until long after their mouths, which then turned it into fact by mere repetition, which naturally became popular majority opinion by “consensus” and ended up stuck as hard as contact cement in gullible minds.

        That “perpetual energy” falsehood was one of four best examples of the many lunacies related to this proposal I found most amusing, but horrifying because like all others of equal project “merits”, it continued self-perpetuating around here due to council’s local attempts to obscure any publicly-visible “negativity” towards Northland’s proposal or related political intrigue.

        I’d give the second local “earth is flat” award to the like-minded inventor of the repeatedly proclaimed “overwhelming” support from the community – as has actually been demonstrated by all of three… yup, count ’em yourself..ONLY 3 letters of support from people who actually live here, in the geographically vast Marmora and Lake with a total population of 4-5,000. Those 3 represented residences far beyond this project’s very obvious (IF the “photoshopped” promo materials had shown any of the adjacent village homes) “danger zone” for catastophic, man-made flooding potential.

        The jury’s still out on that second-place award, though… others here still think it should go to the interdependent “There Is NO Opposition” public deception invented and perpetuated by the same “keeping up public appearances” professional designer(s) of the locally-customized “framework”.

        Third prize was well earned by the inventor and herded supporters of the silliness that this project would supply our area with electricity in the event of a massive Ontario blackout, while the rest of the province remained in the dark. (as if there were going to be lines from the plant hooked up to each home in our area, lol)

        But the fourth and biggest prizewinner was surely our “well informed” council’s decision to fund a marketing campaign with the local tax dollars of Marmora’s below-average-income ratepayers, to promote this wealthier private developer’s proposal (that’s obviously such a bad idea they couldn’t successfully sell it on its own “merits”, themselves)?

        Council hasn’t publicly disclosed whether that “up to $5,000.00” is refundable if their flawed project purchase from Northland Power is returned, or not. Maybe they forgot to ask their advisor(s) that, in advance to purchasing? Wouldn’t surprise me if that lunacy had been prearranged “all sales final” at the expense of local intelligence and integrity, too.

        All that remains to be seen is whether the work of the creative minds whose professionally-orchestrated project “effects” so proudly and publicly displayed by the municipality actually will succeed at ensuring the Municipality of Marmora and Lake wins the Greed Energy and Greed Economy “Bulls*** Baffles Brains” Jackpot.

      • New articles such as this one help to promote these kinds of projects for potential investors to read. Outside capital has to be raised for these renewable energy projects.

        Is it just coincidence that the same players show up in deals related to renewable energy projects?

  6. This is a massive “Conspiracy to de-fraud” tax dollars from honest hard working citizens by Council, Developers and Mainstream Media. Not to mention our very own Provincial Government. To steal money from our pockets on an agenda which is based on out and out lies is at the very least FRAUD at the highest levels of Government!!!!!!!!!

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