Provinical “Samsung Day!”

I guess we missed it, but apparently yesterday was a new provincial holiday – called “Samsung Day”, not to be confused with Global Wind Day, of course….
Take a look at what McGuinty’s government did with permit approvals to celebrate it:

  1. MASSIVE South Kent Samsung Wind development approved – 126 Wind Turbines
  2. MASSIVE Haldimand Grand Renewables Samsung wind development approved- 67 wind turbines
  3. MASSIVE Haldimand Grand Renewables Samsung solar development approved- 100MW (how huge is that?!)
  4. PERMIT DESTROY endangered species (bobolink and eastern meadowlark) habitat for Samsung Haldimand Grand Renewables approved.

13 thoughts on “Provinical “Samsung Day!”

    • ..and that is why it all went down yesterday. This will be the last nail he drives into the coffin.
      Guess whose turn is next?
      Haldimand will not stand for it; I have a feeling, it’s not going to be pretty.

    • The longer the NDP props up the present governent the worse it will be for them. If and when an investigation is made into the awarding of contracts and the means employed to get the necessary permits then those now in charge will have to answer for this situation.

  1. Sadly many elected officials in Canada and the US have become pimps for the renewable energy industry.

  2. Not only is it a permit to destroy endangered species, it is permit to destroy Haldimand County. Add the Capitol project and Summerhaven and presto southern Haldimand is over-run.

    Sad indeed. Keep your fingers crossed that the ERT against Summerhaven by Bill Monture and Haldimand Wind Concerns is successful.

  3. What was the expectation anyway? Dalton has been in Samsungs’ pocket since the day they signed their surreptitious deal. With an election looming on the horizon and the sure bet he would be on the losing end, may as well get in a few last “Screw you Ontario’s” and “Middle Finger Salutes” for good measure. What a gigantic loser.

  4. I fully expect the people of this province DEMAND a new government fully look into the awarding of these contracts and to cancel them, no matter what the costs.Nothing short of that will do…There;s payoff money here , big time, and I’m sure it can be proven, but will take some time..The awarding of these contracts at this time are not pure coincidence, guaranteed. Maybe, just maybe now,, Horwath is realizing the enormity of her mistake siding with these low lifes..She better do the right thing here….When all this bribe money comes to light, all hell will break loose.. Just sayin’ …..

  5. Just when I thought that some sanity had come back to the Ontario Legislature and we could be looking at an election, it was just as quickly taken away today. Those two strange bedfellows Whorwath and McPimp have been seen kissing and making up. Looks to me like the prostitution of Ontarians to the highest bidder will continue. This time, McPimp, the King of corruption, is actually looking for some kind of prenuptial agreement “in writing” from his future bride. Go figure, apparently no trust anywhere in that relationship. I just had this ominous feeling that Queen Whorwath, was not about to give up her new found significance because if it went to an election she knows both she and McPimp would become the big time losers they are. It’s best to go to counselling and save one’s perceived self importance, with absolutely no thought given to the folks you happen to represent. What a pair of @hore$, Pardon my language and I’m sorry if I’ve demeaned that line of vocation in any way by using it in this rant.

  6. Think positive. This may bring a dozen permanent (20 year) jobs and a couple hundred part time jobs. Yeh dolt n Mcguinty. Hats of to you for such an achievement. Wonder how many jobs will be lost. 2 5 10 thousand?

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