Wind hot issue at Niagara regional council

Jeff Bolichowski, The St. Catherines Standard
Wind turbines had regional councillors’ heads spinning Thursday as a proposed call by St. Catharines Coun. Andy Petrowski for a moratorium on new wind projects was defeated. The lopsided 18-6 vote didn’t reflect the long, drawn-out build up to it: Council spent about an hour in camera hearing from their legal beagles before several citizen delegations spent the next three hours airing their views, with citizens speaking fervently against the turbines and business reps arguing for them. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind hot issue at Niagara regional council

  1. NRC has a direct monetary investment in a wind energy company; at the same time, it makes decisions involving that company and its owners in a blatant conflict of interest. The opening question at municipal council meetings is, traditionally, for the chair to ask for disclosure of any personal interest in matters up for discussion. At NRC, the question is rhetorical.

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