Balloon launch to protest wind power

 From WLWAG: We’re curenty floating 3 of the  5.5′ red weather baloons at a tethered height of 475′ which is the same height of the proposed IPC turbines and will be doing such daily until Tuesday’s second and final open house by IPC.
Niagara This Week
West Lincoln weather balloon to be raised to height of turbine
In advance of the construction of IPC wind turbines across West Lincoln, a protest group is working to raise awareness by getting residents to raise their eyes. This weekend, the West Lincoln Wind Action Group (WLWAG) is raising a weather balloon to the height of a wind turbine, to provide a sense of scale for the size of the turbines. The wind turbines to be installed across the municipality will be as tall as 145 meters. WLWAG is calling the campaign “Look Up, Wake Up.”

“Most people can’t comprehend the size of the of the impending giant 475’ industrial wind turbines that will shortly be invading our rural West Niagara neighbourhood and negatively impacting our health, our homes, our families, our natural environment, our pocketbooks and our faith in truth and justice,” reads a media release from WLWAG. Read article

4 thoughts on “Balloon launch to protest wind power

  1. This is the IPC Energy & Vineland Power Generation project objected to by WLWAG?

    At Milford IPC Energy is partnered with wpd AG.

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