Meaford Council to Wind Developers: You’re Not Welcome Here

By Stephen Vance, Meaford Independent
After months of hearing residents ask that Meaford’s council take a public stand with regard to the potential for industrial wind turbine developments within the municipality, council last night delivered what many had been asking for.

A resolution put forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield sent a clear signal to residents and wind farm developers alike – wind turbines are not welcome in the Municipality of Meaford.

But before the resolution was voted upon by members of council, a lively debate took place which pitted two councillors who were opposed to the resolution against four who were in favour. Councillor James McIntosh declared a conflict of interest and did not participate in the debate or the vote.

“Whereas the Municipality of Meaford is currently faced with an Industrial Wind Turbine Farm application in and around what is known as Silcote corners; and Whereas a substantial number of our residents, from all corners of our community, have voiced opposition to the acceptance of this project, and, whereas troublesome negative effects, such as adverse health effects, decrease in property values, destruction of the natural view-scape, and overall deterioration in individual quality of life are feared by near and far neighbours of this proposed site; and Whereas the Council of the Municipality of Meaford frustratingly acknowledges that any decision they make cannot overrule the powers given by the province in the Green Energy Act,” began Greenfield’s resolution. Read article

16 thoughts on “Meaford Council to Wind Developers: You’re Not Welcome Here

  1. We are proud and appreciative of Deputy-Mayor Greenfield and the rest of the council who took this stance and registered their unwillingness to accept these Industrial Wind Projects within our municipality.

  2. ‘[excerpt] Councillor James McIntosh declared a conflict of interest and did not participate in the debate or the vote.’
    I have to ask: …..with what wind company?
    That’s too bad – someone knocking @ the door!

      • There are many ways to have a conflict of interest. It does not necessarily mean they are “comfy on the couch”. Please be careful with your inuendos. Do you know that what you are implying is accurate? I don’t think you do.

      • The public has the right to know when a conflict of interest can involve money as these projects do involve huge amounts of money.
        This can also be corruption.

      • Mattie,
        It’s always about public perception!
        Maybe – too comfy on the couch!
        Who’s kidding who?

        ‘[excerpt] The issue of wind turbines divides Meaford council. Councillors Cynthia Lemon and Linda Stephens bring forward a resolution demanding that the upper levels of government do more to research potential negative health effects experienced by people living near turbines. They find support for their resolution from councillor Harley Greenfield, but it is still defeated in a 4-3 vote. Mayor Francis Richardson and Deputy Mayor Mike Traynor state that they do not believe there are any negative health effects associated with wind turbines.’–meaford-a-year-in-review

        So – why did the CAO resign?–does-meaford-need-a-cao-absolutely

    • Trick question:
      Why can’t the mayor speak?
      ‘[excerpt] Mayor Richardson took the opportunity to speak to the issue himself, something that he rarely does.

      “I think it’s important that the public knows what all of us feel, and I can’t comment when I’m in the (mayor’s) chair,” said Richardson who turned over the chair to Deputy Mayor Greenfield, “This has been an incredibly difficult situation. We have received literally thousands of pages. We all have our various reasons for whether we are for or against.”’

      No – seriously – why can’t the mayor speak?
      Oh – I think I’m getting it – it would require going into the council minutes – to confirm my suspicions.

      • Does this explain it?
        Robert’s Rules of Order:
        “The chairman sometimes calls a member to the chair and takes part in the debate. This should rarely be done, and nothing can justify it in a case where much feeling is shown and there is a liability to difficulty in preserving order. If the chairman has even the appearance of being a partisan, he loses much of his ability to control those who are on the opposite side of the question. There is nothing to justify the unfortunate habit some chairmen have of constantly speaking on questions before the assembly, even interrupting the member who has the floor. One who expects to take an active part in debate should never accept the chair, or at least should not resume the chair, after having made his speech, until after the pending question is disposed of.”

      • Try looking up some rules of order:
        “It is a general rule in all deliberative assemblies, that the presiding officer shall not participate in the debate or other proceedings, in any other capacity than as
        such officer. He is only allowed, therefore, to state matters of fact within his knowledge; to inform the assembly on points of order or the course of proceeding
        when called upon for that purpose, or when he finds it necessary to do so; and, on appeals from his decision on questions of order, to address the assembly in
        debate. [Cushing’s Manual, §202.]”

      • Hey Mattie,
        You sound like you really know your stuff.
        You must be on some sort of committee – or something.
        This sound interesting………….or has Meaford hired a new CAO?

        ‘[excerpt] The Team Leader will serve on a monthly rotational basis with Meaford’s Director of Corporate Services and Treasurer David Kennedy assigned to the first month effective immediately.’

      • FT:

        You should read those documents. At the end you will have a PhD in “Junk Science”.

      • Hey WillR,

        Meaford’s ‘new and improved’ resolution
        means ‘Nothing’
        – recycling the ‘Green Genie’

  3. Hello Meaford. If you manage to keep them out, I would like to know. I’m looking to get out of Haldimand. It has been green washed. Need a community theatre or arts council member. Here I am.

    • Well P, we are not out of the woods yet, but this is major progress, given where a majority of council stood quite recently. And yes, this is a fantastic community if you are into theatre and the arts. All we need now is for McGuinty to stick to his word when he said on April 14 in Belle River that he did not need to put ” them ” where they were not wanted.

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