Powassan wind farm opponents gather steam

North Bay Nuggett
The potential health, environmental and financial effects of industrial wind turbines will be discussed at a public meeting Thursday at the Powassan Legion. A citizens’ group called Stop Turbines on Maplehill Powassan (STOMP) has arranged for guest speakers.

Anemos Energy Corp. had sought council support for the Maple Hill Wind Project proposal earlier this year, but was denied until there are more details available. Guest speakers will include Nipissing MPP and Progressive Conservative Energy Critic Vic Fedeli, Barbara Ashbee of the Victims of Wind and Carmen Krogh.

Fedeli has spoken out repeatedly on the negative effect of wind power on the electricity system and how it’s driving up hydro rates in Ontario, a media release issued by STOMP stated Monday. Ashbee, STOMP added, moved her family after suffering health problems living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines.

Krogh is a retired pharmacist with 40 years of experience in health care and has published peer reviewed articles on the negative health effects of wind farms.

“We want to bring light to the very legitimate concerns these wind developments have created in other areas of the province, and why we don’t want them here,” said STOMP spokeswoman Anne Smith. Read article

4 thoughts on “Powassan wind farm opponents gather steam

  1. National Review, June 27,2012, Robert Bryce
    “Economists Without Calculators”
    These Eco-Nuts do not do even any basic math to support their claims. There is not enough energy in wind to warrant using it as an electricity source.
    Then the MSM acts like a bunch of parrots and repeats what these Eco-Nuts say without ever checking out the information they are being fed.

    • Using wind to generate electricity is something like trying to get your supply of drinking water off from the dew on your lawns

      • Ah, careful what you note. Next thing you know there be a gang of green eco nuts with mops on your front lawn wiping up the dew and wringing it into plastic bottles. Don’t give McGuinty any new ideas, we’re in trouble enough already.

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